A Day at Wild Adventure Theme Park

Hey web users and theme park lovers, and maybe even movie buffs in this post. Today we will be taking you to the famous Wild Adventures Theme park. Ok

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Hey web users and theme park lovers, and maybe even movie buffs in this post. Today we will be taking you to the famous Wild Adventures Theme park. Okay when I say famous I mean maybe only in some eyes, but this is the theme park where the movie “Zombieland” was filmed!! The drop tower ride they get on to escape the zombies, yeah we rode that, and yeah that’s here!! It is only around 4 hours from Orlando too. I would really recommend checking this park out. It may have a lot of cloned generic rollercoasters, but they are some of the best versions of the clones out there. They have an SLC which is actually fun, with little to no head rattle. They also have a very fun wooden rollercoaster named Cheetah. While a tad rough, this coaster delivers a good amount of floater airtime with a unique layout through the fields. The park really takes a win for its amazing waterpark and collection of flat rides. The waterpark I will talk about in another post and plan to go in on my end of July visit. I just gazed upon it this trip but it looked like a solid waterpark with great slides.

The park also has really awesome themed nights at the waterpark you can check out if you like nighttime waterpark events.

The theme park is legit in the middle of nowhere and a perfect pit stop on your way from Atlanta to Orlando. ( Even good to just plan a trip tom the area is awesome )

The park is owned by the same company who owns Dollywood and SilverDollar City, so expect a similar staff and guest experience. By this I mean the Dollywood staff is the legit nicest staff I have ever encountered at any park; Wild Adventures is high up there as well.

The park has a huge amount of flat rides, good flat rides. This is probably one of the best collection of flat rides I have seen at a park, and they take care of everything very well.

Take a walk around the park and see for yourself in this video I filmed during my May 2018 visit.

The video shows most of the parks top attractions. ( Minus the river raft ride, it was closed on our visit )

Now let’s head into the park.

The Entrance area, the park was dead today. 

The Skyline from the parking lot area.

We got out tickets!!

One more shot of the entrance plaza.

First coaster of the day. A standard roller-skate called the Ant Farm Express. 

Time to ride!

There was no one here, like we got the train all to ourselves.

Two coasters in one shot.

Some coaster track. Palm trees are still present in this part of GA.

The ride was fun, just like the clones at the Universal Parks. Great family fun. The first of many Venom built attractions here at Wild Adventures.

See, no one. 

The park has a Disko!!! I love these flat rides, and theres was in great condition. Running very long cycles as well.


We will get to the Boomerang later. The park has a gorgeous lake in the middle of it.

Skycoaster off in the distance.

YESSSSS. The best little flat rides ever. Any park that has this has my seal of approval.


A very photogenic coaster.

The oddest coaster at the park… we will get to that later.


Oh yeah they also have one of those swing rides like at SFOG.

Time for my favorite coaster of the park. This is the park only orginal  layout coaster.

Decent sized lift.

This Cheetah does not hunt; this Cheetah just Cheetahs. Oh we found some people too.


One train operations were actually not bad on the Cheetah. 


The Entrance is kind of funky. 

You walk down this long tunnel thing. The coasters brake run is right above you. 

The coasters signs.

The layout is hidden among the fields of the park, but here is what you can see from the station.

This is actually a really fun little coaster. Great airtime too.

Steel supports with a wooden track, similar to white lighting at Fun Spot.

Next up….

The oddest coaster at the park, the Viking Voyage.

Just in case you were lost.

Yeah….. It at least looks cool.

Whoever built this just should have hit the smoothing button, lol. Fun ride but just very rough.

The fresh paint looks great through.

If only you were running today. I love sky coasters, and this looked to have great views.

The first drop does give some decent airtime in the back seat.

I love how many trees are in this park, there is shade everywhere.

Apparently some big name older stars come here and have huge concerts. Nice stage area.

The waterpark from a far. Just one of the few slide towers they have.

They have a Yo-Yo just like at Fun Spot.


The parks SLC in the background. The tallest and fastest coaster at the park. 


The new for 2018 thing was Mega Bugs.. It was like Dinosaurs alive but with bugs.

Closed, but looked good.


Here is the waterparks entrance. Included in your visit as well! Tonight they were having some sort of pass holder opening night party.


Twisted Typhoon from the waterpark entrance.


They had a plunge boat ride that was running, despite having no passengers.

Here is the start of the trail.


The longest wait of the day, the Twisted Typhoon.

So SLCs are supposed to be the worst coasters… but this one was really fun.

Food stands by the rides entrance.



The ticket booth for the sky coaster.


Ugh, maybe on our July trip.

Ride signs.


An SLC with no head banging? Yes. This ride was great. Im glad to see Wild Adventures taking care of their rides.

Longest wait of the day.


Even with one train this was only around 15 minutes. Great operations. Like Dollywood.



Let’s ride!


Such a colorful and fun ride.


The lift offered great views of the surrounding area. Great SLC, my favorite one ever. It was fun and smooth how the ride should be. The front seat gives great forces into the inversions. Decently long ride, and a lot of inversions = fun ride in my book.


Soon Boomerang… Soon.


A little mini frisbee? I have never seen one like this.


Its ride cycles were amazing. Almost as good as the bigger ones. Maintained very well.


Such a fun ride. Seriously these should be in more parks.



One more lap 🙂


If you have seen Zombieland this is the drop tower from the film!!! Super fun tower as well.

If you are in the south you haveeeee to get BBQ. This was a restaurant called Lonestar, and it was very very good.


A new restaurant that fit perfectly in this park. The BBQ sauce was incredible, and you could buy some to bring home.


The looks of the ordering area and cash register.

To the right is a bird viewing area, and to the left is the Disko I mentioned earlier.

Another great flat ride. Me and Morgan loved this. No wait and long cycles !!:)


Animals. Very Busch gardens feeling.


The landscaping was very well put together in every area of the park.



There were ICEE stands all over the park. Same as the coke freestyle stands. ( Like Cedar Points’s )


Next up, Swamp Thing. 

A nicely themed Vekoma Jr. suspended coaster.

Fun ride, and it takes you over real alligators.

Time to get our Boomerang credit.


The most enjoyable version I’ve tried.

The line was long for the front so we got a middle seat.

Very nice setting for the coaster.

Our camera died 🙁 last ride before we set off for Dollywood.  Thank you Wild Adventures for a great day !! We will be back soon. 🙂


Back on the road and off to Dollywood!!!

I hope you enjoyed sharing a day with us at this awesome park in South Georgia.