Adventure is ‘Up!’ There! Whether you enjoy it or just cry to the first 15 minutes of it, the Pixar motion picture “Up!” will

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Whether you enjoy it or just cry to the first 15 minutes of it, the Pixar motion picture “Up!” will always be a classic. Because this story is so beloved, Walt Disney World has added some themed experiences for “Up!” Fans! We decided to head out to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to discover what the quote, “Adventure is out there!” really means and we weren’t disappointed!

The adventure begins even before you reach the famous Animal Kingdom monument, “The Tree of Life”. We were greeted by some Wilderness Explorers who gave us the scoop on a special scavenger hunt adventure throughout the park where you can earn special wilderness badges just like Russel from the movie. If you accept the challenge, you are able to earn your very first badge by learning the Wilderness Explorer pledge, ”The wilderness must be explored!”.              







It’s all ‘Up!’ hill from here!

We continued our adventure traveling over to Asia. “Up! A Great Bird Adventure” is a fun high-flying show lead by Indian bird-lover, Laurina and bird trainer, Donna-Sue along with Dug and Russel from the movie!




This experience is an exhilarating close encounter with birds big and small. Soaring through the audience, these talented creations got to show off their tricks and wing span! This show inspires us to ‘Look up!’ adventure is all around us!








After the show we had the opportunity of meeting Dug and Russel in person at their meet n’ greet!


The que for the meet n’ greet is also themed fantastically. You get to try out one of the Dog Translator Collars for yourself. Press the button, bark, and the machine will tell you what you said! 



As for merchandise, the park is filled with all kinds of collectable goods inspired by the movie.






Pins, tee shirts, hats, coffee mugs, toys, keychains, magnets, phone cases, even magic bands! If you are a fan of ‘Up!’, strap on some colorful balloons and head over to Animal Kingdom because, 

“Adventure is out there”!