Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrqsIY7oJdM One of three Disney Princess character dining experiences offered at Walt Disney World is Akershus

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One of three Disney Princess character dining experiences offered at Walt Disney World is Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Like all Disney attractions, there is a story to be told with this dining experience. Akershus is location in Norway around The World Showcase in Epcot. As we know from our Frozen Adventure, Norway at Epcot celebrates ‘The Tale of Two Sisters’, ‘Frozen’. At the entrance of the Norwegian castle, you are greeted by a beautiful decree stating that the queen, presumably Queen Elsa, has invited royalty from neighboring kingdoms to take part in the Royal Banquet. And what a delightful royal banquet it is! The castle is even more beautiful on the inside clad in royal thrones, tapestry, and just about every thing you’d expect inside a castle, even the princesses.

The first princess you encounter is Belle, she greets you with a warm welcome almost immediately when you enter through the castle doors, so be sure to have your autograph books and cameras ready to remember the momentous occasion. After sharing hugs and stories with Princess Belle, you are escorted to your dining table. All the countries around The World Showcase are completely accurate to the pure culture of the country being represented, Akershus in Norway is no exception. The dinner menu presented a plethora of comforting Norwegian dining options.

Tradisjonell Kjottkate

Your Appetizer is ‘A Taste of Norway’, a buffet of meats, fish, imported cheese, fruits, and salads. You then enjoy your main course.

Tradisjonell Kjottkake is a plate of Norwegian meatballs, mashed potatoes, seasonal Vegetables, and Lingonberry Sauce. This dish can also be made “allergy friendly”.


Kyllingbryst is herb roasted chicken breast with roasted bread pudding, seasonal vegetables, and Gjetost gravy.


Stuffed Pasta

Stuffed Pasta is cheese and spinach stuffed pasta with tomatoes and balsamic glaze. Once you have enjoyed your Scandinavian feast, it’s time for dessert! For the finale of the meal, you are presented ‘The Royal Chef’s Dessert Plate’, a platter of Norwegian inspired treats including rice pudding, a spiced apple pastry, and dark chocolate mousse. (there is also an allergy friendly strawberry sorbet offered to friends with food allergies!)

The Royal Chef’s Dessert Plate

As you dine, various Disney Princesses travel throughout the castle to greet all the guests, we got to interact with Princess Cinderella, who was eager to show off her new glass slippers with straps(so they wont fall off again), Princess Aurora, who was sporting her beautiful pink ballgown given to her by her three fairies, Princess Snow White, who had a brand new jewel in her bow that the dwarf’s harvested from the mines, and Princess Ariel who was excited to be walking around with all the humans. We asked Ariel if she liked all the ‘Dingle-hoppers’(forks) on the dining tables, she said she loved them but she doesn’t know what the dingle-hopper with the circle on top is for, we think she’s referencing spoons, perhaps if you visit Ariel soon you can show her how humans use spoons.

Once all the princesses have visited every guest, the Disney Princess Processional begins! Guests young and old are invited to wave and parade around the castle with the princesses.

 Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is one of my favorite Disney dining experiences to date. If you are visiting Epcot soon and love Disney royalty, this experience will make all your dreams come true!