Alien Swirling Saucer Review and POV NEW 2018 DISNEY WORLD RIDE

Alien Swirling Saucer Review  So I got a chance to be amongst some of the very first riders to ride the new Alien Swirling Saucers this past week a

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Alien Swirling Saucer Review 

So I got a chance to be amongst some of the very first riders to ride the new Alien Swirling Saucers this past week and will be giving you the full review of what I think of this attraction.

First off I will say this is a super fun family ride that is an amazing addition to the Hollywood Studios theme park; and a much needed one at that.

Before I go into much detail check out this awesome 4k POV I filmed on opening day of the land:

And now check it out with your VR headset in 360:


Now to the review part… So this is a very fun and unique family spinning ride themed to the Pizza Planet and its little green aliens. The ride is set with a larger than life Buzz Lightyear guarding the attraction entrance. The imagineers have truly created an environment that makes you feel like a toy, and this ride is a perfect example. You get in a small cart attached to one of the aliens to spin around a colorful arena. Although I am not to sure what the real theme of the area you spin around in is, I do enjoy the colors and music playing.

The ride is very fun even for adults, and I truly mean this. If you are an adult you will have fun on this ride. It gives great whipping forces, and will having your mind bringing back memories of older theme parks “whips”. Yes, this ride is very similar to the famous old school flat ride the Whip. While the whip only takes riders back and fourth down a straight line with a “whip” at the ends, this spins and switches between the circular floor boards. The Alien Saucers achieve the whipping sensation by transferring the ride vehicles between the circular plates; which is unlike a tradition whip attraction.

I’m going to list my personal pros and cons about the ride below:

Ride Pros

-Good capacity

-Cute themed ride vehicles

-Fully covered attraction for when it rains

-Exciting ride for kids and adults

-Amazing theming

-Unique ride experience

Ride Cons 

-The rides duration was painfully short ( Not sure if due to opening day crowds, but extremely short ride cycle )

-The music track was the same song as played on Slinky Dog Dash. ( There are more songs than “Friend in Me” in the movies)

-The rides platform and vehicles were already showing signs of wear and tear

-The ride does operate in the rain but not when it is thundering and lightning

-A cast member will close the queue of the attraction if a storm comes

-Not enough available fast passes


I really do love this ride, and I think that more of the Disney parks should have some sort of this attraction. It is very similar to the Mater ride at California Adventure, but with a Toy Story twist. I did not like how short my ride was when I visited on opening day; but I am thinking it is just to get the lines through faster with all the crowds. Although a shorter ride I enjoyed ever moment of it and got a few throughput the day. I rushed to this after I got of Slinky Dog Dash due to rain, only to find that if thunder and lightning are in the area this shuts down as well. I really don’t get that because even with horrible downpours the ride area or queue was not getting wet.

Here is the view inside the colorful queue area. Backed up due to the temporary storm shut down. 🙁

Overall I give this ride a solid 8/10. I would rank it higher if the cycles were longer and the music would be a tad different than the lands coaster. I would recommend to ride this on your next visit and experience the very unique ride technology.

Check back for more reviews of this amazing new land and more Disney 🙂