All New Waterpark in Central Florida Island H2O Live!

Hello Theme Park HD, Last week June 21, 2019 Margaritaville's all new waterpark called "Island H2O live!" made its debut and we are absolutely loving

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Hello Theme Park HD, Last week June 21, 2019 Margaritaville’s all new waterpark called “Island H2O live!” made its debut and we are absolutely loving it!!

As you walk in you are greeted with these nice messages!
Earn points for park perks!
Customize your slides music & lights!

After checking your bags at the security checkpoint, it’s time to get your ticket! The ticketing booth is very appealing in color, and the customer service is wonderful!

After one visit I just had to get a season pass, Island h2o live! is pretty much in my backyard so I am planning to visit there a lot! So the whole theme of the park is to be completely interactive. You can fully customize your ride experience by setting up the music/lights in the slide on your phone & then “tapping” in with your armband. This feature is really cool, the park actually encourages you to use these handy waterproof phone cases and so far I must say I really like how interactive the park truly is. As for customizing out of the two options I only tried on my first visit I really liked the more vibrant colors, the black light option was just really dark and you couldn’t see the effects they had going on in the slide. To gain points and unlock different effects you have to “tap in” to the slides when you ride them, tap into different selfie stations in the park, or participate in different activities throughout the day.

I absolutely love the waterpark, it is a great get-away from the concrete jungle & daily work life. Although, if you plan on going by yourself on the two raft rides you have to at least have three people so make sure you find a single rider or a couple to ride down with you before walking all the way up the stairs!

Below you can view the family raft rides: Hashtag Heights & Profile Plunge!

Next up I went straight for the drop slides these are always terrifying to me, but whitewater did an absolutely amazing job with these two trap doors of doom! The slide seams were sealed very well & didn’t hurt your back at all. The Drop Down (the red slide) lasts about 9 seconds or so & its 3..2..1.. done! Live Streaming (the blue one) lasts about 15 seconds and is much longer, but is equally as a great slide experience as Drop down.

Below you can see the full pov’s for “Live Streaming” and “Drop Down”

Adjacent to the Drop Slides there are “Reply Racers” which is a mat slide. This thing is so fun & is probably my favorite slide out of the tower (Probably because the floor doesn’t fall out beneath me). Below you can see the full pov of “Reply Racers” mat slide.

The last tower is probably my favorite, it has “The Downloader”, “Reload Rapids” and “Follow Me Falls”. These are the cool slides that are interactive, they have light sequences, music, and even takes photos and videos on the slide!

Below you can see the full pov’s for the downloader, follow me falls, and reload rapids, Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we enjoyed sliding! The waterpark is included with your stay at margaritaville, you can buy a day pass or you can get an annual pass!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more theme park and attractions news and information!