Be Our Guest Dinner Review! Since opening day roughly 5 years ago, the Beauty and the Beast themed, “Be Our Guest Restaurant” h

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Since opening day roughly 5 years ago, the Beauty and the Beast themed, “Be Our Guest Restaurant” has remained one of the most popular and high demand Disney dining options. Does this dinner inside the enchanted Beast’s Castle live up to its popular hype? We set out on an ‘adventure in the great wide somewhere’ to find out!

Resting in New Fantasyland neighboring Ariel’s castle and Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train lies the mysterious enchanted castle!







After checking in for your reservation at the base of the bridge, you must face the daring quest of traveling down the gargoyle guarded bridge to the grand entrance of the castle.




Bask in the wondrous detail that awaits all around you just outside of the entrance. One of the royal, now ‘human again’ servants will call for your family name and escort you on a guided tour through the castle. As you enter through the grand entrance, to your left, you are met with a stained glass image of Belle and her not so beastly prince sharing in a happily ever embrace. To your right the royal study where “The Master” (aka The Beast) is seeing guests. As grand, orchestral music plays, you walk right into the Ballroom where Belle and Beast first danced together and began to fall in love.

There are three dining rooms you may be seated in; The Ballroom, The Forbidden West Wing, and The Rose Gallery. We were seated in the Rose Gallery.

The Rose Gallery is often referred to as the ‘Friendship room’ because it is a gallery decorated by Belle herself with portraits of all her friends and memories.




As you advance into the Rose Gallery you’ll notice a change not only in the scenery but in the music. The music becomes a much softer version of the same music playing back in the Ballroom- but where is it coming from? Located in the center of the gallery lives a beautiful and giant music box. Word around the castle is that Belle’s father, Maurice tinkered up this beautiful music box as a wedding gift for Belle and Beast, how sweet! Belle and Beast can be seen dancing to the soft music on top of the hand crafted box(See video above for more!).

There are a few hidden Mickey’s to be found in this room! *Skip reading this part if you don’t want any spoilers!* Look closely at the portrait of Mrs. Pott’s giving Chip a bath and you may find a bubbly version of a familiar mouse!






Mickey seems to be hiding around Chip quite often! take another glance at those yummy tarts on Chip’s plate!







Another hidden character to be discovered is a hidden Beast! Look carefully at the wallpaper in this room to discover the Beast himself!

The Rose Gallery is the most calm and serine of the three dining rooms, so if you are visiting the Beast’s Castle on your next trip to Walt Disney World and prefer quieter spaces or have friends with little or more sensitive ears, you may want to request to be seated in The Rose






After exploring the room we were seated in, it’s time to dine! The Be Our Guest dinner experience has gone through some menu and process changes over the years. Now the set rate for dinner is $55 per adult and $35 per child. This includes an appetizer, meal, and dessert per person. The menu has been recently updated so be sure to check it out on the My Disney Experience app!

Mixed Field Greens

For the appetizers, we tried the Mixed Field Greens(Sunflower Seed Brittle, Tomatoes, House Farm Cheese, and a. Citrus Vinaigrette) , 





French Onion Soup


The warm and cheesey Frence Onion Soup, 




Assorted Meats and Cheeses


and Assorted Meats and Cheeses(Chicken Liver Pate, Shaved Serrano Ham, Chorizo Sausage, Pleasant Ridge Cheddar, Truffle Tremor, Stilton Blue, with Seasonal Garnishes).




For the meal, we tried the 

Center-cut Filet

Center-cut Filet Mignon(Potatoes, seasonal vegetables,Cipollini Marmalade with a Red Wine Glaze),







Lamb Chops

Spice Dusted Lamb Chops(Roasted Salsify, Baby Zucchini, Charred Tomatoes, and Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, with a lamb demi),






Pork Tenderloin

and Roasted Pork Tenderloin(Caramelized Cipollini, Roasted Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower Puree, sprinkled with Bacon Dust).






Dessert consisted of a beautiful trio including and Almond Macaron with raspberries and lemon filling,






a Dark Chocolate Truffle with candy decor and cherry surprise inside, and (drumroll please)

The Grey Stuff, served in a white chocolate ‘Chip’ cup.

Yes the grey stuff really is delicious (and we didn’t even have to ask the dishes! The Grey Stuff has a flavor like cookies and cream and a texture like chocolate mousse and whipped cream! The Gray Stuff has gone through being served in man forms but we think the chocolate ‘Chip’ cup is the best to date!







After finishing our delicious meal, we got the chance to explore the rest of the castle!

We wearily ventured into the not so forbidden West Wing! We were immediately introduced to the eerie atmosphere of this dining room with the low lighting and clashes of thunder! As you peer around you can see the story of this room through the distressed curtains and tattered tapestries… as you enter the room further you see a clawed portrait of a pre-beastly, Prince Adam… but not all is as it appears… every so often lighting and thunder crashes to “reveal the Beast in the Master’s painting” so keep an eye out and go watch our video to see more!

Turning a corner and carefully making our way to the furthest corner of the room we discover the legendary enchanted rose. Floating in its glass casing the rose is almost glowing with magic an mystery as it rotates around. Just below the rose, the magic mirror that Beast gifted to Belle in the movie is seen. As we gaze at the enchanting qualities of the rose we are shaken in surprise as another clash of thunder hits and… a petal falls from the rose! Truly enchanting! After exploring the once forbidden West Wing, its time to step into the happily ever Ballroom.







This dining room is truly mesmerizing. Draped in blue tapestries fit for royalty, three large and enchanting hand crafted chandeliers, a soft snow fall seen just outside of the windows of the north wing of the ballroom.


A fairytale come to life is just beginning to describe this room. Like the rest of the castle even the ballroom holds mysteries!

We discovered that the babies painted on the ceiling are actually the faces of the Disney Imagineers who designed the restaurant! If you keep your eye out and up at the clouds, you may see the familiar silhouette of a certain bow-wearing, female mouse friend!








Well now that we have explored the castle rooms, we shall meet our kind and somewhat beastly host! Just inside the study of the castle (used during the quick-sercive breakfast/lunch time periods) The Beast is gleefully taking guests. The room itself is the coziest in the castle. A warm fireplace burns its low light as the Master’s chair sits just to the side of it. You can definitely imagine Belle reading her favorite stories to The Beast and other castle friends in this cheerful room.






As we approached The Beast he greeted us with a kind manner and even danced with us! He has defiantly been practicing! 






Well, after our enchanting encounter with the Beast we took one last breath taking gaze around the ballroom and regretfully made our way to the grand exit, home of the internet-famous Beauty and the Beast stained glass portrait. Truly enchanting, and yes the Grey Stuff *is* delicious!

Some helpful hints for the most enchanting experience!

  • Make a reservation! Be Our Guest is one of the most high demand dining options Disney offers, so to insure you a seat in the castle, be sure to get a reservation! (and don’t be discouraged if you’re unable to attain one prior to your visit, just keep checking online! Cast Members told us they have openings randomly open up the day before and day of all the time!)
  • If you or others in your party are sensitive to loud noises, you may want to request to be seated in The Rose Gallery! (The same goes for the other rooms, you can request to be seated in a specific room, but you must ask!)
  • Arrive a few minutes before your reservation time, but if you are just a little late, don’t let it damper your evening! Disney dining has a wonderful grace period for those coming from grand adventures around Disney World!
  • Dinner and Be Our Guest Restaurant is completely different than lunch or breakfast! Breakfast an lunch are considered “Fast-Casual Quick Service” meaning you order your meal prior to seating yourself and the process is much quicker than Table Service! Another fact to keep in mind is that The Beast only greets guests during the dinner Table Service experience. For those using the Disney Dining plan, breakfast ad lunch will count as a “Quick Service” meal, while dinner will count as “Table Service”
  • Last but not least- enjoy yourself and take your time soaking in the beauty of this experience! It is one of a kind and if you have the opportunity to partake, do fully!