Bon Voyage Character Breakfast! We set sail on a voyage to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort to experience Trattoria Alforno’s, Bon Voyage

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We set sail on a voyage to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort to experience Trattoria Alforno’s, Bon Voyage Character Breakfast! This one of a kind character dining experience is one for the storybooks. Our experience began with just a few steps into the restaurant with themed merchandise and music. Shortly after we were escorted to our table and placed our food orders, a royal announcement was heard throughout the establishment. 

“You can count him with the dreamers, Flynn Rider!” And Flynn Rider himself traveled through the restaurant sharing grins and his famous ‘smolder’ with guests. But Flynn without Rapunzel? Never! “She’s always passionate and optimistic, it’s Rapuznel!” She danced and showed off her marvelous long braid as she made her way through the crowds. As we dined the couple came to greet us one by one. Flynn wondered if we had seen Maximus anywhere “He’s supposed to take us to the snuggly duckling later” He explained. We shared in some laughs and got photos and Flynn may have thrown in a smolder or two.




Rapunzel was an actual ray of sunshine and so excited to say hello! She told us all about a talent show at the ‘Snuggly Duckling’ she was preparing for. “I’ve been practicing my jokes, do you want to hear one?” Of course we did! Rapunzel went on, “What do you call a horse that lives next to you? ….. Your Neeeeighbor!” We thought it was pretty good! Chase those comedy dreams, Rapuzel! (watch the video above for more)







The next royal couple to accompany us on our voyage, Princess Ariel and Prince Eric! Ariel was bubbly as ever and so happy to be walking about on her human legs! She shared in hugs and smiles with us! Prince Eric was very charming and offered us good cheer as we enjoyed our meal!





Speaking of our meal…  Our Feast began with an assortment of breakfast pastries served in Rapunzel’s frying pan! Then we enjoyed a delightful fruit salad. (allergy friendly pastries are available as well so everyone can enjoy!)


Allergy friendly pastries!







For the meal, The Royale Breakfast is a feast fit for, well, royalty!

The Royale Breakfast!

With grilled steak, cheese egg-torte, potatoes, and onions, this protein packed meal is a great way to start a Disney Parks day!






Tower of Pancakes!

The Instagram-famous ‘Tower of Pancakes’ is as delicious as it is adorable. A “tower” of three fluffy pancakes with Rapunzels sun stenciled in powered sugar on top with strawberry syrup, fit for a princess! (fun fact: both meals can be made dairy and gluten free!) As for atmosphere, this was one of the most relaxed Disney dining experiences I’ve had.




-Helpful Hints for the most magical of experiences-

  • Make a reservation ahead of time to ensure you have the “best day ever!”
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before your reservation time, we arrived a bit early and got to enjoy the Boardwalk Resort while we waited to receive a “your table is ready” text message.
  • Prepare yourself for photos/autographs when you notice the character coming close to your table. This will help make for a quality character interaction.
  • Take a peek at the menu online before arriving to get an idea of what you’d like to order.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself!

The Bon Voyage Character Breakfast is now in my top 5 favorite Disney dining experiences! If you get the opportunity to enjoy this fun filled breakfast adventure, I absolutely recommend it!