Busch Gardens Williamsburg Opening Day Report 2019

Hello Everyone, A few weeks ago Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW) in Virginia opened its gates to the public and kicked off their season. Luckily I w

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Hello Everyone, A few weeks ago Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW) in Virginia opened its gates to the public and kicked off their season. Luckily I was between Pennsylvania (Kennywood) and North Carolina (Carowinds) and got the chance to stop in and grab some brand new POV’s for you guys! (With permission of the Park Always)

For my wife it was her first time experiencing BGW, and she was beyond excited. As you walk in to Busch Gardens you are greeted with a not so small friend but a huge heart. “Bill” Unlike Busch Gardens Tampa with lions, tigers, and safari animals here they have horses, wolves, bald eagles, and some other local animals.

After Seeing Bill, it was time to ride the first coaster of the day. I chose the Loch ness monster because my wife loved the interlocking loops.

Fun Fact, The Loch ness monster is manufactured by Arrow but after car design failure, S&S (manufacturing the Steel Curtain at Kennywood) designed a much better car design and replaced the original cars. Below you can enjoy a front row POV of Nessie

Length 3,240 ft, Height 130 ft, Drop 114.2 ft, Speed 60 mph, Inversions 2, Duration 2:10

Since I was only here for one day, and had to get to carowinds I wanted to get as much done as possible so it was off to the next ride!

After good ole nessie, it was time to ride Alpengeist. I love Inverted coasters, but I think I prefer our invert (Montu) at Busch Gardens Tampa. I have ridden this before and I remember it being very intense, but when i rode it opening weekend they made the mid-course brake run almost come to a halt, so the remainder of the ride was very tame. Below you can see a front row POV of Alpengeist at BGW

Length 3,828 ft Height 195 ft Speed 67 mph Inversions 6 Duration 3:10

I love the ski’s on the back of the cars.

Next up I was really excited to ride Tempesto! With Tigris opening April 19th to the public I now know what to expect, but I can’t wait to see the station theming and the Tampa scenery at the top!

Below you can see a front row POV! Who else wants to ride???

Length 863 ft Height 150 ft Speed 62 mph Inversions 1

Up next on my agenda was Apollos Chariot since they are so close! I was surprised Apollo’s chariot was partially painted, and it looks fantastic but it was only to a certain point. I wonder if they will finish it throughout the season? Below you can see a front row POV, Enjoy!

Length 4,882 ft, Height 170 ft, Drop 210 ft, Speed 73 mph, Duration 2:15

After marathoning apollos chariot (because how can you not!) we made our way over to griffon. I love dive coasters so this was one of my favorite rides of the day! Below you can see a front row POV of the Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Don’t Forget to Say AHH!

Length 3,108 ft Height 205 ft Speed 71 mph Inversions 2 Vertical Angle 90° Duration 3:00

Up next was one of my favorite wooden coasters manufactured by Great Coasters Inc.: Invadr. Without further ado

and you know I had to save the best for last… Verbolten. This amazing double launch coaster features a drop track, can you survive the forest? Watch below and find out!

Some parts I loved about verbolten was the theming, the drop track and the license plates on the cars.

By the time we got all of the rides done it was time to get on the road straight to carowinds. Next time I hope to spend more time to look at all the things they have to do, but for my wife’s first time she had a blast.

Thanks for Reading! Stay Tuned for more Theme Park News and Information!