Chicken Guy Now Open at Disney Springs

Chicken Guy Opening Day Review  Hey everyone we just got to go to the opening night of the brand new Disney Springs restaurant Chicken Guy, and it

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Chicken Guy Opening Day Review 

Hey everyone we just got to go to the opening night of the brand new Disney Springs restaurant Chicken Guy, and it is an instant hit.

I will cover this much like my longer blogs with a video at the end so read through and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

So I thought the place was in a totally different location and parked in the Lime garage…. a little bit of a walk. The closest garage to Chicken Guy is orange. Ooh well I love the covered shopping area.

And look what we found! 

Signs up for the new restaurant. Sporting the venues menu for all people walking by to see. Also on the left hand side is construction for another all new dinning experience. 

I made it! Morgan went to get us a table because they are very hard to get on busy nights. And opening night was probably one of the busiest..I love the vibe inside, the colors really popped. 

Not a lot of indoor seating.. But the place does very well at using all the space it has to its advantage. It is located under the Planet Hollywood restaurant. 

The art work really makes this place one of a kind. I love it. The kitchen is also kept exceptionally clean. I was in line for around 10 minutes before I got to the counter to order. 

Here is a close up of the menu options at Chicken Guy!

The bottled drinks for sale are sported in this cooler next to the register. 

Guy himself in life sized wooden cutout form. 

The assembly line. Seriously this has to be the best chicken I have ever had in this form. It is such a good taste, the fried breading isn’t over whelming, and won’t make you sick. The quality is truly unmatched. 

Got my order in time to sit and wait. 

They have you place your order buzzer on a red mat that somehow lets your server now exactly where you are! pretty cool. 

Wow, on a super busy opening day we got our food out in less than 10 minutes. I am sooooo ready to eat this. 

For me, 5 tenders, coleslaw, and Mac and cheese, and 3 sauces. They provide 2 sauces with your tenders and each extra is 25 cents more. Not bad at all. the sauces were the highlight of the food, but the foods quality and flavor could be just as good without any use of sauce.

I got sweet tea to drink. Just a standard coke product, but still good. The Mac and cheese was outstanding and the surprise hit of the place. It is a must try. 

I finished the night with a Flavortown frozen treat. It was very good, and the apple Jax cereal dust really made it a hit with me.

All in all I give Chicken Guy a 9/10, the only thing I would suggest for them to do is add additional seating. Every time I visit ( 3 times since opening ) I see families with no place to sit after the have already ordered. I think they need more seating outside or build an additional inside seating area. Asides from that the food gets 11/10 from me every time. It does get very busy so I advise going at night for the fastest experience.