Disney Springs Planet Hollywood Review

Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs in Orlando Hey everybody! I am so excited to share with you some photos and a little review from one of the most-k

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Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs in Orlando

Hey everybody! I am so excited to share with you some photos and a little review from one of the most-known restaurant, Planet Hollywood.

Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs is perfect place for a dinner for two, or a great spot for the whole family. The Planet Hollywood in Orlando is themed to the “Stars” both to the galaxy & select famous actors and actresses. If you are a film buff like me, going to planet Hollywood is a great place to see props and costumes by some of the most iconic movies throughout time.

When you walk into the Planet Hollywood Observatory you are greeted by a grand staircase with surprises along the way, but first…

Hello Spidey! This is actually a costume that the production used at some point! And you can see Superman Lingering in the background.

Next up is one for the Star Wars Fans.. Chewbacca, RRWWWGG!

This photo is the middle of the observatory 

I got to sit in the middle section 🙂

Check out these super cool TV Tables!

The inside bar has many spirits so if you have any requests just ask, they should be able to make it!

For an appetizer I got the Hummus Trio, it is served with pita bread, and carrots! At Planet Hollywood the food is good, but a little expensive for just average food. I feel like going to Planet Hollywood is more for the experience than anything, while you are there they play great tunes, the staff is great, and they are pretty quick with getting customers in and out.

For only $14.95 you can get this Special Edition Disney Springs Planet Hollywood T-shirt, Get them While they Last!

These Milkshakes look familiar I think I’se seen them somewhere else… (Cough cough..Toothsome) … Did someone say something?

Time for Drinks, I had a Mule!

On this particular day I was one of the last guests in the restaurant (Sorry to the Disney Staff), but I had originally planned to go to Chicken Guy and they sadly closed before you guys did!  I was so thankful the staff seated me anyway, and gave me such a great experience!

First Up Was the Hummus Trio, Yum!

And I got the World Famous Chicken Crunch (Made up for missing out on Chicken Guy)

After chowing down I had to go check out all the costumes and props.. Don’t worry I took pictures, so without further ado..

“Rocky” AKA The Italian Stallion

“I love you, Jenn-ay” – The Famous Cross Country Track Suit Worn by Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump”

Here is a costume from “Batman Forever” but when I see this costume I think about a certain roller coaster located at Six Flags Over Georgia, the Mindbender. On a side note if you haven’t rode the mind bender it is one of my personal favorites I love how smooth it is for being an older ride, and the first loop blows your mind!

Can somebody say ARGH? Here is some props from the movie “Hook”


This is the Big Screen Where they play music videos and more!

So after wrapping up with dinner it was time to leave, but first make sure you check out the Gift Shop!

Planet Hollywood was awesome! Whether you love movies, food or music they have something for all! I hope you’ve enjoyed my review, thanks for reading!

For additional Information and to view the menu you can go to: https://www.planethollywoodintl.com/restaurants/orlando/menu/