Disney World is Pretty Sweet!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAUGZIRcT1Y  It’s no secret that Disney World is almost always on the ‘Trending’ page! Well most recently, Walt

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 It’s no secret that Disney World is almost always on the ‘Trending’ page! Well most recently, Walt Disney World has released some super cute and ‘Instragram worthy’ treats that have been taking over the internet! We ventured out to discover and try these new treats! Are they worth the hype? Read on to find out…

Our first stop on Walt Disney World property, Magic Kingdom!  Just a few skips down Main Street U.S.A is Main Street Bakery, aka Magic Kingdom’s Starbucks. The Bakery comes out with new adorable seasonal cupcake very often but this one has blown up across many social media sites! The Mermaid Cupcake! This whimsical sweet is a Funfetti cupcake with sparkly teal icing and a mermaid tail sugar cookie. There’s no doubt that this treat is absolutely photogenic and shines in almost any background, but how does it taste? Well, before we dive in, I suppose we should start off with the accessibility of this cupcake. The cake itself was baked into a very stiff wrapper that was pretty tough to get into and by the time we got it off the cupcake itself was a bit dismantled. But hey, it’s what’s on the inside that counts right? If you’re a Funfetti fanatic you’ll love this colorful cupcake! The icing, while beautiful, was lacking a bit in originality and flavor. I asked a friend who is passionate about sweets to accompany me on this adventure to get a second opinion. She agreed about the icing lacking flavors, but the mermaid tail sugar-cookie was one of the best she had ever had! Wonderful texture and flavor! (if you’d like to see more of the Mermaid Cupcake, watch the video above! Princess Ariel got to see the cupcake too!)






Peter Pan Float!

Next we “thunk” some happy thoughts and flew over to Storybook Treats in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom! The Peter Pan Float is lime soft serve floating in Sprite and topped with a red chocolate feather(just like the one on Peter Pan’s hat). Was is photogenic? Absolutely! This may be one of the most adorable Disney treats ever in my book. Was it delicious? In all honestly this treat may rival a Dole Whip for me. It’s fresh, cool, and refreshing on a steamy Disney day. The Storytelling of this treat makes me smile. It’s a Peter Pan ‘Float’ (because Peter Pan floats…or rather flies) This treat can get a little messy so be sure to grab some napkins! Something else good to know if you have food preferences or allergies, this treat is gluten and dairy free and is vegan other than the chocolate feather. 

Purple Wall Slushie!

Get your iPhones out and prepare your hashtags, pals, because we are headed for the most popular Magic Kingdom photo spot other than Cinderella Castle, the ‘Purple Wall’! The Purple Wall gained in popularity a few years ago when the vivid color and ‘studio’ type natural lighting took over Instagram. This location has become so well known that it has its own geographical location on many social media platforms, its own Disney Photopass opportunity, and now its own signature drink, the Purple Wall Slushy! The drink is as trendy as the location its named after. The Purple Wall Slushy is a Taro Tea slushy with Tapioca Boba. This drink is a great edition to your instagram photoshoot and matches the purple wall perfectly! As for taste it really depends on your personal taste! If you love boba tea go for it, if not, maybe wait on this one. This treat is dairy and gluten free if you ask for no whipped cream!

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich!

Our final stop at Magic Kingdom was Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square. Now, one famous Disney stable is the Churro, this new treat takes the churro craze up a notch! The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich! Is your mouth watering already? The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich is made of two warm twisted churros with a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream in the middle. While this treat can get pretty messy, it’s delicious, cool, and very sharable! The cinnamon-sugar mixes in with the ice cream making for a marvelous mix of flavors. This treat is photogenic but be sure to snap those photos fast because it can get pretty melty!

Incredibles Cupcake!

Time to hop over to Hollywood Studios! We stopped by the Trolley Car Cafe(Hollywood Studios’ Starbucks) because there are two themed cupcakes here that are full of character! In celebration of Incredibles 2 that came out over the summer, Trolley Car Cafe is offering an ‘Incredibles Cupcake’, a red velvet cupcake with yellow and red icing and cream cheese filling!



Toy Story Cupcake!

And carrying on the excitement of Toy Storyland, they have a Toy Story cupcake! The Toy Story cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with blue whipped icing and a white chocolate Pixar ball!

Both cupcakes are incredibly photogenic but our winner here is definitely the Toy Story cupcake!



Next we headed off to an unexpected location, but one producing treats that are seen all over the web! All Star Sports Resort! In ‘The End Zone’ food court, along with many beautiful treats, lie 3 that in my opinion, are so great they belong in all the parks!

Stitch Cupcake!

The first we tried was the Stitch cupcake. Rising in popularity, this cupcake is topped with fluffy blue icing, chocolate filling, and sugary Stitch ears! Adorable and always full of surprises, just like Stitch!






Minnie Mouse Cotton Candy Cupcake!

Next we took our taste buds to a cotton candy galaxy with the Minnie Mouse Cotton Candy cupcake! A chocolate cupcake with cotton candy flavored icing and filling! Oh and we can’t forget the white chocolate Minnie Mouse ears on top! This cupcake is exploding with flavored and if you love cotton candy, this cupcake is for you! The last cupcake we tried at All Star Sports was what might be the favorite of all the treats so far…



Pineapple Whip Cupcake!

Pineapple Whip Cupcake! This delicious baked treat is basically a Dole Whip in cupcake form! A pineapple cake cupcake, whipped pineapple swirl topping, and a pineapple juice infuser! Not only is this treat full of fresh flavors, but it may not event need an Instagram filter, it’s so beautiful!




Mickey Mouse Beignets!

Our next treat is fully inspiring by the movie, Princess and the Frog. We traveled through the bayou over to Port Orleans Resort to discover if the Mickey Mouse Beignets lived up to their hype! Mickey Mouse Beignets have been a staple at Disneyland Resort for years but are now offered at Walt Disney World Resort! Fluffy and fried to Mickey Mouse Perfection, these powdered sugar coated pastries are one for the hashtags! 



Make It Pink!

A great location to get your Disney fix on a budget, Disney Springs! At Amorette’s Patisserie you will not be disappointed by the creative, Disney inspired, pastry art! There are many adorable treats offered at Amorette’s but one has been in more selfies than the rest! The Millennial Pink Champagne with white chocolate pink Minnie Mouse Ears has been the Instragamer’s go to! (This treat is for friends over 21, I had a good friend over 21 taste this treat for me) The drink is now also being offered in a beautiful page blue color dubbing the drink’s nick name the ‘Make It Pink’ or ‘Make It Blue’ drink. Another treat rising in popularity at the bakery is the Unicorn Macaroon! 

Unicorn Macaroon!








Mickey Mouse Unicorn Cupcake!

Our final stop on this sweet Disney adventure, Boardwalk Resort! The Boardwalk and other resorts connecting Epcot and Hollywood Studios have been rising in popularity due to the ‘color wall’ Instagram trend! But the Boardwalk Bakery may be another reason this resort is becoming so popular… We’ve saved one of the best for last, The Mickey Mouse Unicorn Cupcake! This lemon flavored cupcake lacks nothing in presentation! Topped with whipped rainbow icing and surprising raspberry filling, this treat is absolutely not lacking in flavor either! Perfect for Instagram and perfect for a refreshing summer treat bursting with flavor! The cupcake has a white chocolate glittery unicorn horn and Mickey Mouse ears to match!

After examining all these new and very creative treats, when it comes down to unique flavor, character, and presentation, my favorite is a three-way-tie between the Pineapple Whip Cupcake at All Star Sports Resort, the Mickey Mouse Unicorn Cupcake at the Boardwalk Bakery, and the Peter Pan Float at Magic Kingdom! I hope you get to enjoy some of these treats yourself next time you visit Walt Disney World! If you try any treats we listed here, be sure to tag us in your Instagram post at @ThemeParkHD! We’d love to hear what you think! Happy treating!!!