Dollywood 2019 Wildwood Grove Construction Tour AND Festival Of Nations Media Day Event

Hey everyone, I hope Spring is being good to you and your favorite parks are starting to open back up for the 2019 season. Although 9 hours from my h

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Hey everyone, I hope Spring is being good to you and your favorite parks are starting to open back up for the 2019 season. Although 9 hours from my house, Dollywood is a park I visit at least 20 times a season and rank extremely high. I am very excited to take you guys on a first look of wildwood grove and meet Dolly herself; follow along!

We are here and checked in for the 2019 Festivals of Nations food festival event at Dollywood.

600mm Canon lenses and the G lot for media day make amazing photo ops for the many great rides at the park.

Setting up for Dolly’s announcement. Check out the YT video below:

Getting to learn how to make Cuban Sandwiches properly from the TV Chef Pepin. He is the face of Festival of Nations this year, and is a really great person to be around.

Drinks were provided for media guests from the Coke Freestyle machines inside their classic style diner restaurant. The staff sports very 1950s themed outfits.

Food options! Much like Sea World and Epcot; Dollywood’s event has stations setup with food samplings from all over. No lanyards were available at this time, but a passport was given to track where you have eaten.

The mint refresher was a huge hit. I loved it, and I even had to go back for seconds. Dollywood does not serve any alcohol in the park and does not allow it in the park, so don’t expect any of the drinks to contain any alcohol. The bar at Song and Hearth is the only location on property that serves any libations. ( Located in the Dreammore resort )

But enough food, it is time to head into the all new Wildwood Grove Area.

Some cars going onto the track, getting ready to test. They look like little bears.

A close up view of the track, you can be a child or adult to ride this ride

This is going to be such a cute family ride, with great photo ops for parents.

I love this waterfall feature Dollywood landscaped into the mountain! its going to look great!

The water feature is massive, and a great center piece to bring the new area together.

This is a sneak peek of the Thunderhead, from this spot you can get some awesome views you can’t get anywhere else in the park.

A very rare angle of Thunderhead walking down the hill in the new area.

These type of Flat Rides are my personal favorite. I can’t wait to get a ride on these when they open (May 10th)

The new flyers! They look great and will begin testing shortly.

And now what we’ve all been waiting for… the Dragon Flier Coaster!

Some angles of the new Vekoma Family suspended coaster.

This turn is going to be intense!
The crew working on the coaster was nice enough to pull of the train so we could check it out, and give you guys the first look! Thanks Dollywood!

After having a tour around the Wildwood Grove we were super excited because we were visited by a very special guest… The one and only Dolly Parton!

Dolly Parton accompanied by Flit & Flutter!

We got to have a media press release with Dolly herself. Such a cool experience from such an amazing woman.

Well That’s all for now! Stay tuned for new theme park information and news!