Dollywood Thrills in the Hills 2018 Part 1

Dollywood Thrills in the Hills Trip Report and Event Coverage.      Part 1 of 2    Okay so this is a massive trip report and event coverage

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Dollywood Thrills in the Hills Trip Report and Event Coverage.      Part 1 of 2 


Okay so this is a massive trip report and event coverage from our visit to Dollywood for their annual ‘Thrills in the Hills’ event.

Why is this so massive you ask? Because this is a two day event that takes you to parts of Dollywood not accessible to the public!

Get your cinnamon bread ready because this is going to be a good one.

So after a nice 9 and a half hour drive from central Florida, we arrived in our cute little mountain cabin in Gatlinburg TN.

The lady was nice enough to wait an extra 20 minutes for us to get us our keys and check us in to the cabin. I LOVE the southern hospitality when visiting this area. It is one of the friendliest cities I have ever visited, its really unmatched by anything else in the United States.

The cabin we stayed in was a one bedroom one bath cabin located right in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg. For cheaper than the price of a decent hotel you get a hot tub, full kitchen with a living area, and kingsized bed. Again I LOVE this town.

Well it was 9:45PM and not much was really going on in town, so we decided to order a pizza and have a relaxing night in. We watched some classics movies and dipped in the hot tub. The no light pollution and quite forest was such a nice change of scenery from Orlando. We did hear some bears rustling in the near by creek but they never came and bothered us.

Okay it’s morning and it is very early…. Like 9am on vacation is always too early but I was getting a new waterpark credit today!

Yes… in all of the years going to Dollywood and having season passes we have never went to Splash Country. Not even when I lived 45 minutes away from the park did I visit, so this was a new park for me! We ended up taking a few hours to enjoy a local pancake breakfast and go on a hike, but got to the waterpark around 1pm.

I had very high expectations going into the park, I have heard nothing but amazing reviews from it.

We got to the park at around 10:00am, and it just was opening for the day. Already packed…

Hey its 90 degrees in Tennessee, this is the place to be!

Walking into the front of the park. They have security like any other theme park, but they actually get their guests through very efficiently with no complaints.

They also are much nicer here than most parks.

Already very packed so we decided to go with the parks fast pass system. It was a very good choice. Some rides were over an hour wait.

Now I will be posting a full review of the waterpark shortly, it was amazing and a top 10 in the USA. The slides were thrilling, and all very well kept up with. Think Dollywood in waterpark form.

Update: I posted the waterpark Blog post, and you can view it here:  Theme Park HD Splash Country Blog Post


After the waterpark we went back to the cabin, got changed, and got the cameras charged for then first night of the thrills in the hills event.


We are here at the all new festival center area Dollywood made for 2018. It is a gorgeous area to relax, recharge, and enjoy the summertime firework show. This was where the event check in area was being held this year.

All the happy enthusiasts waiting for the show!

After you check into the event they gave us cinnamon bread One loaf per ticket.

And free bottled drinks for the rest of the evenings activities. The firework show  was first up on the agenda. The amazing event hosts cleared special seating for the best view in the house.

This was a great show, I enjoyed the patriotic spirit of the show as well.

Wanna see a video of Dollywood’s awesome summer fire work show? Check it out below :

After the firework show were were supposed to get ERT on Lightning Rod….. but it has went down for the rest of the season due to issues with its launching system

🙁 major bummer….. But Dollywood sort of made it up to us by giving ERT on Wild Eagle.

We got 10 rides on Wild Eagle, mainly front row rides. It was 11:30 at night and the ERT has ended ,so we are headed back to get a few hours of sleep. It is always so cool to be able to walk through parks when they are completely empty.


That is it for Night one. The best is yet to come so stay tuned for the rest of the adventures we had at Thrills in the Hills. 🙂

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