Dollywood’s Biggest Expansion In History Announced: Wildwood Grove new For 2019

Dollywood's Biggest Expansion In History Announced: Wildwood Grove new For 2019 Dollywood just announced its largest expansion in park history, eve

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Dollywood’s Biggest Expansion In History Announced: Wildwood Grove new For 2019

Dollywood just announced its largest expansion in park history, ever. A 33 million dollar new immersive land is coming to the Tennessee Mountains in 2019.

Dolly herself was there for all the announcement day festivities, and unveiled her plans for a multi-million dollar theme park expansion named,” Wildwood Grove”. This new land will feature multiple new rides and attractions, new dinning options, new shopping destinations, and a new rollercoaster. While Dollywood has just released concept art, and names of attractions, I am sure there is a lot more exciting additions coming in this land. Wildwood Grove will be just was amazing in the day as it will be at night; featuring an array of dazzling colorful lights all around the land. Check out what is coming:


Artist Renderings of the areas centerpiece, the giant tree filled with “Dollywood” butterflies. This is the view at night, which shows the tree and area will be all lit up, sort of like Disney’s Pandora. It will also feature a nighttime colorful river that flows through the center of the land.



A rendering of the tree in the day time, some sort of large indoor attraction or show structure can be pictured as well. The level of detail will be insane and I’m sure it will be the best themed part of the park.



First of the new ride lineup comping in 2019 is The Mad Mocking Bird. This is a flyer attraction very similar to Cedar Point’s Lake Erie Eagles and can be found in a lot of tradition amusement parks. This will be very heavily themed and will most likely be the best flyers in the country. I personally LOVE these style attractions and think they are a great spinning ride everyone can enjoy. This attraction is very unique because the riders can control a flap on the front which allows them to change the angle the bird is at. It is very fun to be able to control an aspect on a ride so I think this will be a great addition for everyone who comes and enjoys Dollywood.


Also coming to Wildwood Grove is Black Bear Trail; a kids attraction that allows kids to take a ride on the back of a bear through the woods. Knowing Dollywood this will bear very well themed and be awesome for the little ones to ride. Just from the artist renderings we can see there will be a covered bridge, food stands, and winding paths in Wildwood grove.



Another awesome attraction coming is the treetop tower. While not a lot is out yet about this ride, but it looks to be an observation tower that takes guests high up to take in the views of the gorgeous Smoky Mountains.  The park already just recently installed a fantastic drop ride, so I am sure this will not be a thrill tower, but a family viewing tower. It does look to spin which will be awesome!



The Sycamore Swing is a pirate ship style attraction to also be adding to the area in 2019.




Another kids attraction will be the Frogs and Fireflies attraction pictured in the upper left in the image. Also pictured is a possible food or merchandise area.




Wildwood Grove will have a kids play structure !! Ok I love these things and going to Six Flags Ohio as a kid and playing in theres I think this is a great attraction for kids to play while parents can sit down and hangout for a while. Im excited to see how they put it together.




And last but not least we have the parks newest and 8th rollercoaster experience, The Dragon Flier. The Largest and fastest I am not to sure about, But I am assuming family inverted coaster. This will be a family attraction made be the rollercoaster company Vekoma, and will be the parks first inverted rollercoaster. If you have been on Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot Orlando you will find this to bear very similar, but with a larger overall ride. Dollywood will have the new rollercoaster open by Spring 2019.


                                                                                                            Photos Via Dollywood 


We can’t wait for more information to be released on this all new land, and I believe this will be on par with some of the Disney parks. I would keep a close eye on this new addition and check back for more information regarding Wildwood Grove.