Hollywood Studios Entrance Plaza Remodel, Skyliner Update

Hello Everyone, Today I'm going to share with you a little bit of whats new at Walt Disney World's "Hollywood Studios". So as we all know the Gond

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Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to share with you a little bit of whats new at Walt Disney World’s “Hollywood Studios”.

So as we all know the Gondola system “Skyliner” is going to lift guest above all the sights (and traffic) of the resort to get them from place to place. We have seen them testing, but there has been a brief hold on operations due to maintenance and malfunction. Just taking a look makes me want to jump aboard and take in all the Disney property sights. Even though they aren’t operating yet, I’m sure Disney’s crew will make sure they are 110 percent sure they are safe before sending guests.

Next up on the List is the Entrance Plaza. Hollywood Studios Entrance has went under a huge revamp and I’ve been covering it as they go. From the last update the walkway to the ferries were blocked off and guests were encouraged to get a photo with Fantasia Mickey before he sadly would be replaced. In this update the old entrance is completely under construction and Mickey is now gone! 🙁

In my previous update I was explaining how this whole area where the trams picked you up was completely under construction is now a BRAND NEW Entrance plaza! The colors are absolutely beautiful and looks as it it was originally built there, I was truly happy to see a useful addition to time the whole entrance together. Below you can see the newest updates of the entrance plaza.

Thank you for Reading and Watching, I hope you enjoyed this update! Stay Tuned for more theme park news and information!