IAAPA 2018 Coverage Day 4

IAAPA 2018 Coverage (Day 4 of 4) So with all the fun coming to a close, the final day still has so much in store. I didn't snap any cool entrance pic

Pale Night Productions Haunted House Attraction at IAAPA 2018
IAAPA 2018 Coverage Day 3
Skyline Attractions LLC Booth At IAAPA 2018

IAAPA 2018 Coverage (Day 4 of 4)

So with all the fun coming to a close, the final day still has so much in store. I didn’t snap any cool entrance pictures today, but you get the point.. enter through south hall and down the stairs to the main floor; but today we are venturing to the outdoor midway and imagination pavilion. First I stopped to check out the insanely detailed American Dream Nickelodeon indoor theme park coaster models by Gerstlauer.

The two main coasters coming in 2019 to the New Jersey indoor theme park. Looks fantastic.

Yes you are seeing that right, the blue coaster will have a lift AND a launch section.

The station and ride vehicles. You start of with a little drop and an inversion; similar to Mystery Mine.

But than you are rocketed up a large inversion and into the rest of the layout. I Will be there on media day and cannot wait to share these two indoor coasters with you guys.

Full view of the coasters; they are almost finished on construction now. ( Nov 2018 )

Directly next door to Gerstlauer there was the makers of the fun interactive bowling and mini golf arcade attractions.

And there advertisements were giant phone screens!

It was great talking with them and hearing about the awesome products they have to make arcades and entertainment complexes better for everyone.

If you like Universal’s Incredible Hulk coaster ITEC did work on the newly remaster version.

The REVO GT is a beautiful look into the future of transportation vehicles.

Fibrart had some massive displays up. Full scale children water play center anyone?

I’ll take 3 please.

A concept rendering of a larger interactive play structure.

A full scale racing slide is inside here at IAAPA.

If you subscribe to us on youtube you would have seen our 4K liquid fireworks video; well video doesn’t do the show justice. They are awesome shows all around the country that bring water and music to life.

Just this little setup was very impressive. See for yourself below:

Cool, right?

Another outstanding model at IAAPA; this is a dark ride similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal.

Over view of the top of the model. Way shorter than HP but the system looks like it would give an exhilarating ride experience.

Let’s go check out the Fantawild corporate booth. I hear they have some models!

A newly proposed park by Fantawild in model form. Here we can see a castle that separates differently themed lands, a looping style rollercoaster, and multiple indoor show building.

Entrance plaza and glowing water. I always love when model makers use lights on theme park models.

Parking lot areas and main entrance. Some sort of castle structure in the left hand side.

The entrance to this park looks gorgeous.

Okay this was probably the weirdest and coolest thing i saw all IAAPA. It is an underwater car!

Yes, an underwater car that has breathable air and doesn’t require any snorkel or scuba gear. Straight out of a James Bond movie.

They have a full scale one to sit in too!

Simple design, easy to use, and fun while not to thrilling. I can see a certain Bohemian resort getting one of these.

Each car can fit up to two people, and travel an average of 5 MPH and are powered by compressed air.

The same company also makes an underwater oxygen bar.

Chance rides had a nice booth, completed with a carousel made up of rinos.

They also had the new Orange Streak coaster and car on display coming to the new indoor theme park in New Jersey. While no layout has been released yet, the ride vehicles and track can be seen here. They look great. The colors really pop in person.

The Slime coming off the side looks really nice in person. Great color choice.

I always have to take the nerd shots. Here is the inside of the ride vehicles.

Ugh I don’t know why but I love these so much. I cannot wait to zip around the park in these.

Front shot; looks like it is going into a sharp corner.

They had some other cool Nickelodeon things on display.. Gotta blast!

And some of their flat ride seating too! Chance had a really great booth this year at IAAPA.

The wall of TVs greet you as you enter the Chance Rides booth.

And to your right you will be blinded by more carnival lights!

So imagine if the carousel of progress at Disney World was a shooting ride. That is kind of what this ride is; it utilizes a spinning platform to take riders into different show scenes. The screens are all projection based, and the projectors can be seen in the center of the model.

This is what it would look like from the queue. It has a small footprint for a ride that has 6 different show screens. I could see this going to not just theme parks but smaller entertainment complexes and maybe even haunted house attractions.

The model was fully functional.

Premier Rides didn’t have much to look at visually at their booth; more photos and people to speak with. I’m sad I missed day one with their Tigris cake.

Checking out some cool Ringling Bros pieces at the Feld Entertainment booth.

The gravedigger themed rollercoaster by Feld.

It was finally time to ride IAAPA’s only rollercoaster; the SB Visa Spinning coaster. Check out the off-ride and on-ride POVs below:

It is a great little compact coaster! On-ride below:

There was also a giant Look Out Swing set up next to the coaster.

It was very cute; and gave decently long ride cycles.

They also had a taxi spinning flat ride setup.

The amazing Ducati dealing rollercoaster model by Maur.

Up close with the racing inspired cars.

I love the carbon fiber on the seats; it gives it a very elegant feel. Much like riding on a real Ducati.

The ride is motorized and the riders can control their own speeds via the throttle similar to a real bike.

The motor is mounted up front behind that silver mesh ( That wouldn’t be there on the ride )

This will be opening in 2019 at a park in Italy.

The model looks really fun; and the dueling aspect makes the ride even more unique.

The layout will be composed of and out and back track layout with a series of curves.

Here I am on the ride vehicle; it is complete with an LED screen to show speed and simulated engine sounds!

Got to swing by the guys at PTC and see some new train designs. It is hard to tell but the windows on the lead car are actually Red LED lights! It looks very sharp.

Over at the arcade section of the show to grab some lunch and play a few games while the cameras charge a bit.

Finally I know where to get a giant walkthrough ornament.

A small drop tower for kids at the Moser rides booth.

I may have found my new favorite IAAPA model..

Pointe waterparks had a full indoor waterpark model on display as well as many other cool models.

They have a different indoor surf system then flowrider that creates deep water waves that allows for real surfboard use.

I really want this to be made somewhere; it looks like a great indoor waterpark.

A log flume ride vehicle by Pointe.

The first fiberglass translucent slide piece is made by them, and it is a game changer.

Screens showing off their products.

More diagrams by Pointe.

The 3D hologram of their new slide was insane!

One of the most detailed and realistic slide models I’ve ever seen.

The storm racer looks like a fun slide with some interactive features to entertain those waiting or watching.

RIP to these that were at Six Flags… I loved them. At least I got to sit in the demo unit.

There was a whole section of haunts and shooting galleries. Lets go check them out!

Pale Night Productions set up a mini haunted house to walkthrough.

WEIGL was also there showing some of their latest advancements.

The scenery for shooting galleries has gotten insane over the years.

Look at that detail.

Time to get our walkthrough of the mini house.

Getting the info on Pale Night before we enter.

Check out our 4k low light video that shows what was inside that building!

More awesome atmospheric effect companies on display at IAAPA 2018.

Another company has their dancing water show out to IAAPA.

As the day is coming to a close and vendors are starting to get ready to pack up; I am headed for the last thing… the midway.

Sally Corp has their Big Bird animatronic on display.

Going to give this new Frenzy 110degree swinging arm attraction a try!

It was actually really fun. Check out the POV below:

The midway was mainly filled with large inflatables and tents.

There were some very massive tents on display outside.

Those sweepers are perfect for any thing and can pick up almost everything. It was cool seeing all sides of the amusement industry on display; even the sanitation side.

Back inside visiting out last few booths of the event. We stumbled upon this very unique sky-surfer zip line attraction.

The company showing of the mechanics of the sky surfer.

The ride vehicle up close.

Nerd shot of the suspension mechanics that keeps riders safety secured on the board.

This would be so fun. I hope to see this come to Florida or the states.

A good visit to whitewater and Proslide before I head out.

Some awesome models on display from White Water. Im living these saucer style waterslide designs. The ones at Kalahari and Volcano bay are fantastic slides and give good forces.

I could see this slide tower coming to Volcano bay or a Dubai park. It looks outstanding and combines new features into them.

The Fusion watersides, coming to a waterpark near you. Im blown away on how good these slide models are becoming.

The slide wheel. Such a cool waterslide idea; America needs one of these ASAP.

The colors of this slide would be nice in real life. Simple and clean.

Waveloch always has some awesome working flowrider models on display. This year they have the Wave OZ, a 180 degree flowrider attraction out for people to see. Fun fact, I actually compete at professional flow boarding in the American Flow tour. These waves are some of the best around and allow for some wild tricks. There is currently two in operation with the closest one to the U.S being in Brazil.

These are both working models with real water. Here is an example of the flowhouse they offer. A flowhouse is a restaurant/bar and flowboard venue that can host events and such. I have been to many of them around the world and they are always a great time. There is a flowhouse in San Diego CA and Wildwood Newjersey in the U.S.

Headed over to the Pro Slide both before the day was over. They always have a bunch of miniature water slides on display.

I chatted with the creative director of Pro Slide for a good half around. Such a great man with some great stories to tell. Pro Slide pretty much invented the modern day waterslide, so hearing the story from the guys who created it was pretty special.

They have so many of their slides in miniature form on display. Can you spot your favorite?

These are slides from all over the world. They make some of the best water slide attractions out there. Chances are if you have been on a waterslide, you’ve been on a Pro Slide.

And that is a wrap on IAAPA 2018 from us at Theme Park HD. I hope you guys enjoyed my coverage, it was a blast covering it all for you. Check back every week for more new and exciting blog posts and media coverage in HD. 🙂


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