Incredible Summer!

In honor of the new movie, Incredibles 2, Walt Disney World is hosting a ‘super’ new event called, “Incredible Tomorrowland Expo”! This event has

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In honor of the new movie, Incredibles 2, Walt Disney World is hosting a ‘super’ new event called, “Incredible Tomorrowland Expo”! This event has turned Tomorrowland, one of the six themed lands in the Magic Kingdom, into a super-hero metropolis!


Now until September 3rd, when you enter Tomorrowland, you’re instantly met with bright, colorful banners, Incredibles themed music, and ‘super’ exciting characters! We Got to interact with Frozone, Mr. Incredible,  the fabulous Edna Mode and some “Super-Super Fan” characters.

The Super-Super Fans even made us an honorary ‘Jr. Super-Super Fan’. You also have the opportunity to interact with Elastigirl (Mrs. Incredible), but because of the unpredictable Florida rain, we’ll have to catch her next time.

Not only is this event full of character, but some pretty cool treats too.

The “Mrs. Incredible Pretzel Mask”, found at “The Lunching Pad”, was a soft pretzel shaped like the masks the Incredibles wear in the movie. You can have your super hero mask and eat it too!
At “Cosmic Ray’s”, the “Super Stretchy Burger” is the way to go if you’re into all things super cheesy. This cleverly named Angus beef burger is topped with American cheese, bacon, garlic ranch sauce, and super stretchy fried mozzarella sticks! Just as stretchy as Elastigirl, right? The last treat we wanted to cover was “Violets Power Drink Force Field” originally offered at “The Cool Ship”. The Drink was is listed as a pomegranate flavored drink with smoking dry ice. Unfortunately, this drink is not being offered at this time and it has not been confirmed if it is returning or not.

If you didn’t instagram it, did it really happen? No need to fear, Photopass has you covered here! There are several Incredibles themed Photopass opportunities located all around Tomorrowland to help capture every ‘incredible’ moment! The design of these photo spots truly put you right in the middle of the movie. Not only can your photos be received instantly at your fingertips with the free My Disney Experience App, but some photos may also be edited into themed videos as well! So hashtag away, my friends! 

I’d say the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo really does live unto its name, incredible! If you have the opportunity to stop on by I totally recommend it. All kinds of ‘super’ fun to be had!

Watch the Vlog here!

*’super’ count- 24*