Incredicoaster Ride Footage at Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier opens in less than two days on June 23rd at Disney California Adventure! Disneyland Resort has shared some exciting details about the newly

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Pixar Pier opens in less than two days on June 23rd at Disney California Adventure! Disneyland Resort has shared some exciting details about the newly themed attraction – the Incredicoaster.

Along with the video, we have a breakdown of the scenes during this attraction, as well as some facts on the attraction.

Breakdown of Scenes
Straight away, Dash sprints into action in an attempt to catch Jack-Jack, launching guests on the adventure with him. As the coaster zooms through the first tunnel, Jack-Jack shoots blue laser beams from his eyes and Dash uses his super speed to avoid being hit.

During the climb into the second tunnel, guests find that Elastigirl has jumped in to assist. Stretching herself flat against the tunnel walls, she reaches out with both arms in an attempt to grab her baby boy. Then the aroma of chocolate chip cookies wafts through the tunnel and, as the coaster plunges downward, guests see that Mr. Incredible has punched through the side of the tube holding a cookie to lure Jack-Jack out of another dimension.

In the third tunnel, guests find Jack-Jack joyfully aflame. Violet jumps in to save the Incredicoaster riders by shooting her purple force field up the tunnel, shielding guests from the raging fire. As the coaster zooms safely out of the tunnel, it sprints over a series of humps, and guests see a cluster of Jack-Jacks in mid-air, giggling and multiplying.

As riders circle through the final helix, they hear the voice of Edna Mode telling the family that Jack-Jack has returned to her, safe and sound. As the track straightens out, riders return to a chaotic and messy VIP lounge with one last surprise that guests are sure to enjoy.

Incredicoaster Facts

  • The Incredicoaster is super-fast – the fastest attraction at the Disneyland Resort.
  • The Incredicoaster zooms across more than 6,000 feet of track – almost 1 1/8 miles – making it the longest coaster at the Disneyland Resort.
  • As their vehicles prepare to launch, guests on the Incredicoaster experience a water effect. It’s the speedy Dash running across the water, setting up the storyline of the race to catch his little brother, Jack-Jack.
  • Mrs. Incredible, a.k.a. Elastigirl, appears in the second tube of the Incredicoaster, stretching herself 53 feet from head to toe as she tries to grab baby Jack-Jack.
  • It took eight people to haul the Mr. Incredible figure up the coaster track to his final position on the Incredicoaster, in the second tube.
  • The super elusive baby Jack-Jack appears 19 times throughout the attraction.
  • Music for the Incredicoaster was created by Academy Award®-winning composer Michael Giacchino, who also scored the music for “The Incredibles” and “Incredibles 2” films. He also wrote original music, inspired by “The Incredibles,” for the queue area of the Incredicoaster.
  • The largest show figure on the Incredicoaster is tough to miss; it’s 1,800 pounds! To fit in its spot, this figure had to be lowered in with a crane before the building was enclosed.
  • The triangular roof line at the load area was drawn on a napkin during lunch at Pixar Animation Studios – and that’s what was built. All of Incredibles Park is a play on triangles and circles, with a mid-century modern style.
  • Artist Teddy Newton worked with Walt Disney Imagineers to create a mural for the Incredicoaster load area, the artwork on a wall of Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums kiosk, and the arch at the entry of Incredibles Park, one of four neighborhoods in Pixar Pier. These designs feature a bold, abstract, hyper-colored style to contrast with the monotones of the mid-century modern architecture in the rest of the neighborhood. Newton was a character designer on “The Incredibles” and a writer on the Pixar short “Jack-Jack Attack,” an inspiration for the Incredicoaster.
  • Fifty pounds of glitter were needed to create the Incredicoaster’s fire and force-field effects.
  • The new red paint on the coaster tubes is self-cleaning.
  • All of the Incredicoaster murals were hand-painted.
  • More than 50 tons of steel – 100,000 pounds – were used to enclose the tubes on the Incredicoaster.
  • Guests will enjoy discovering hidden Mickeys in artwork throughout the Incredicoaster.