Kings Island Mason Ohio To Remove ‘Firehawk’ Rollercoaster

Kings Island Mason Ohio To Remove ‘Firehawk’ Rollercoaster

Kings Island Theme Park Set To Remove Firehawk after the 2018 Season #Itsbigitsgone #FirehawkfinalFlights Thursday, September 27, 2018, 7:00 AM.

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Kings Island Theme Park Set To Remove Firehawk after the 2018 Season

#Itsbigitsgone #FirehawkfinalFlights

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 7:00 AM….

Tweet Posted By the Park 

Kings Island officials announces the closure of their large rollercoaster attraction, Firehawk.

The park held a mock burial service to induct the coaster into the ride Graveyard.

It is truly always a sad sight to see any coaster meet its demise. While I hope they decide to relocate the ride to another park, the rides manufacture recently stopped production on new parts for this ride model. Firehawk was not always Firehawk; It was orgnaiily built as X-Flight at neighboring Ohio park Geauga Lake. Geauga Lake ( Also known as Sea World Ohio, and Six Flags Ohio ) was closed in the early 2000’s and X-Flight was relocated to Kings Island and renamed and repainted to become Firehawk.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photos Via Kings Island 

This is sad for me because of all the found memories I have had on Firehawk. I remember my father taking me to Geauga Lake when I was younger and riding X-Flight, riding Firehawk with some of my lifelong friends, and recently visiting and riding. Rollercoasters really add great enjoyment and make lifelong memories for people, and with heavy hearts we say goodbye to one of the world’s first flying coasters. Before Manta and Tatsu and all the great B&M Flyers we had old school Vekoma flying coasters like Firehawk and Nighthawk. In my option out of the three Vekoma flying coasters in the USA, Firehawk was the best.

It’s not all sad though, there is an identical coaster at Six Flags America called Batwing. It is a clone of the X-flight/Firehawk coaster. So if you really love this ride, you will still be able to enjoy Batwing, and Nighthawk.

Unlike modern flying rollercoasters, Firehawk starts riders siting up before tiling them laying back with heads forwards. This created some intense G force moments through the coasters inversions. The downside to this riding position was riders were exposed to the beating sun with little ways to shade themselves. Also note the ride would face very long dispatch times due to the rides seating system… this led to long wait times for passengers on the brake runs.

We can only wonder what Kings Island will be replacing Firehawk with….. and we can only hope it is the rumored Giga coaster similar to Fury 325.

Final rides have started this weekend, and riders will be able to enjoy Firehawk up until the final weekend of the Haunt event.

For more information on the final times to be able to ride Firehawk, as well as general park information please visit: