Liberty Tree Tavern Food Review

Liberty Tree Tavern Magic Kingdom Family Style New England Restaurant  Whats up internet people! Christian here from TPHD bringing you a review of

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Liberty Tree Tavern Magic Kingdom Family Style New England Restaurant 

Whats up internet people! Christian here from TPHD bringing you a review of one of the best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom; the Liberty Tree Tavern.

I only have memories of eating here when my mom and dad would take me as a child, so I decided to come out and try it as an adult. I found a reservation open up on the Disney app and decide to try it and review it for you guys. Now this restaurant is a pre-deterimed family style one, which means there is one dinner option for everyone. I thought this was an odd idea, but worked very well and got everyone in and out very quickly. I mean we were only there for about 45 minutes and had a 4 course meal and drinks. Plus I really wanted chicken and didn’t know they took it off the menu, but the waiter got chicken breasts for the closes restaurant in the park that had it; Disney is the most magical place. So from the above and beyond service, the amazing food, and the charming New England atmosphere I’d say this should be on your list for places to eat on your next Magic Kingdom trip.

Let’s get to the food!

Our reservations up, let’s go.

Fun fact: The bathrooms are actually upstairs where that man in the white is at. 

Fun games for the kids to play while you wait for your table.

After living in Virginia and visiting some of the earliest restaurants and cities, this restaurant felt very authentic to the time period.

Just got our table.

More of the buildings theming.


Morgan is excited to be trying this for her first time!!


Although you can’t pick your food, you can pick your beverages; and here are the options. ( Beer and Wine only in this location )

First course up is salad and fresh baked rolls.

The salad dressing is amazing, and the bread is very fresh. I love how Disney can even make a salad better.

Food is here, and here is the Chicken the cast member got from another restaurant just to make me ( a guest ) happy.

Some more buttered rolls <3

They also give you Brisket, Ribs, Turkey and more.

Some amazing Mac n Cheese. They give you unlimited of anything you want. I had seconds on this.

Like a good home cooked family dinner.

Everything is so good and fresh. The gravy was different than how most make it, but it had a great flavor to it.

Focusing in on that delicious stuffing.

Such a great atmosphere to have dinner in. Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves.

They cleared the table and got us fresh everything for desert.

What I have been waiting for.. the Caramel brownie. AKA the best part of the dinner.

So this is such a great place to take you family. Although the 70.00$ for two price tag might seem a little much, you can eat as much as you want. But 4 courses, all that meat and sides, plus unlimited of anything for only 25 a person is not bad at all. You will spend more than that to get half of that food at any I drive restaurant. If you have a large family this is defiantly the best place to eat for your money inside the park. You don’t sacrifice quality for price either, and all of the food you will eat tastes like it was just picked up at a local farmers market and cooked by your grandma.


Thank you Disney for such a great place to eat and bring your family. Go give the Liberty Tree Tavern a try next time you dine inside the Magic Kingdom, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂