Maxx Force NEW 2019 Coaster coming to Six Flags Great America

Maxx Force Launching Coaster coming to Six Flags Great America in 2019                                                                        

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Maxx Force Launching Coaster coming to Six Flags Great America in 2019

                                                                                                Photos Via Six Flags Great America 

Introducing the triple-record breaking launch coaster, Maxx Force! This revolutionary new coaster will be the fastest launch coaster in North America! Reach speeds of 78 miles per hour in under two seconds on this incredible record-breaker, featuring the fastest inversion and tallest double inversion of any roller coaster in the world.

The S&S air powered launch coaster finally makes it return to the United States in a big way in 2019..And that way is Maxx Force!

The 17th coaster at Six Flags Great America will feature 5 inversions, a 0-78mph launch in 2 seconds, the worlds fastest inversion, and a racing inspired train.

Maxx force will weave its way around and over some of your other favorite park attractions. The coaster will feature the fastest acceleration on any launching rollercoaster in North America. Now please note; this isn’t the fastest launch on a coaster, it is the fastest acceleration time for the given speed on a coaster. It will feature an insanely fast launch, and if you ever have ridden Hypersonic XLC at Kings Dominion you know how an S&S launch feels.

This rides laughing system will be very unique; most coasters use hydraulic fluid or LIM systems to propel riders at a high rate of speed in a short time, but this coaster will feature an air powered launch which can propel riders much faster… much much quicker.

The ride also features a crazy pop of airtime right after the launch that is sure to be a big hit to many coaster enthusiasts.

Check out the promotional video provided to us by the park on announcment day of the all new coaster below:


For more information on Maxx Force as well as ways to purchase tickets or season passes please click here: Six Flags Great America .com

We will be at Maxx Force media day once it opens 2019 so stay tuned and make sure to be following us on Youtube and all other social media for updates on everything #Maxxforce