Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!(2018)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOjyx1JrtIs&t=26s We had the privilege to attend one of the most popular Disney ticketed events, Mickey’s N

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Trick or Treat?

We had the privilege to attend one of the most popular Disney ticketed events, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! This party has it all, characters, costumes, parades, candy, fireworks— this event makes anyone’s Halloween dreams come true! 

For party goers, the fun starts 3 hours before the party at 4pm when you are able to enter the park, get your VIP wristband, candy bag, and stake out your ideal party route with a custom map! I promise you it’s almost impossible to be bored at this event. There’s so much to do it’s nearly impossible to do it all in one go! While there are lots of rare and exciting things to do during your party, there are a few you may want to make a priority!

Here are the top 5 things you won’t want to miss:

  •  Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade! This Parade is one of a kind and features so many characters you don’t always get to see and float features that are a magical 4D experience. Catching the parade is a great way to get some character interaction without a long line and a lot of the rare characters that have meet n greets during the party are also featured in the Boo-to-You parade! Oh, and remember when I mentioned it’s also a 4D experience? Well I won’t spoil it for you but be sure to take a whiff of a few of the floats as they pass by! We recommend getting a good spot along the parade route about 30 prior to showtime. This will ensure you have the best view and character interaction. Our favorite spots to enjoy the parade are along Main Street and along the Walt and Mickey statue. 
  •  Happy Hallowishes! This 180 degree Disney villains/Haunted Mansion themed firework “spooktacular” will leave you with thrills and chills! Our favorite spots to enjoy the fireworks are by the Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street and anywhere near the Walt and Mickey statue. Be sure to check the MyDisneyExperience app or your Mickey’s Not-So-Scary park map for show times!





  • Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular- If you are a Hocus Pocus or Disney Villains fan this is a must for you! Villains from Oogey Boogey to Madam Tremaine from Cinderella take part in this wicked show on the Cinderella Castle Stage!
  • Candy stops! Candy stops are placed around the park and are visible by blow up signs. Allergy friendly candy options are also available,  just as a Cast Member!






  • Priority characters! There are many rare characters available to meet during this special, spooky event. However, they are rare to meet so that comes with a pretty lengthy line (some averaging at around an hour). Because of this we recommend you decide which characters are a priority for you personally before heading to the park. This will save you lots of time so you can make the most of your party! The characters offered this year are: The 7 Dwarfs, Lotso Huggin’ Bear, Cruella DeVil, Ariel and Eric, Stitch dressed in his Elvis costume, Pooh and friends in their Halloween costumes, Belle and Gaston, Moana, Jack Skellington and Sally, Genie and Abu with Alladin and Jasmine, Jafar, Alice and Mad Hatter, Mickey Mouse in his Halloween costume, Anastasia and Drizzella, Queen of Hearts with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck in their Halloween costumes, Goofy and Donald Duck in their Halloween Costumes, Tarzan and Jane with Terk, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Other characters normally meeting at the park such as Cinderella and Elana at the Princess Fairytale Hall are still meeting throughout the party as well. One other character opportunity is the Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball in Tomorrowland! This dance party includes special appearances from Mike, Sully, and George(aka 2319).




One of the most exciting things not mentioned on any map is getting to see everyone’s cool and creative costumes. To the dress-up lover, this event is a dream! I have heard of some who work on their costume all year. Don’t hesitate to make a few friends and take some photos with some creatively clad folks!

There are a few new Halloween party versions of beloved attractions. Pirates of the Caribbean for instance has a live action actor amongst the animatronics. The game is to try to locate the wanted “Gunpowder Pete”, so if you choose to take on the challenge, keep your eyes peeled and let us know @ThemeParkHD if you find him! Space mountain and Mad Tea Party both have new lighting adjustments for the party!

There are so many new treats for the Halloween season and we covered those in a new vlog and blog post so if you’d like to hear more on those, check it out!:

Costume guidelines: there aren’t many restrictions for guests 14 and under but for our “kids at heart” there are a few rules. 

  • No masks of any kind
  • No costumes that drag on the ground
  • Capes are allowed as long as they don’t go below the waist
  • Costumes with many layers are discouraged and may require advance security screening.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is $75 per person and allows park admission from 4pm-12am.

Is it worth it? We say so! You get a lot of park time with low crowds, no burning Florida sun, special opportunities, and almost no wait for attractions! 

If you visit the party, tag us in your photos! We’d love to see your creative costume!