Morimoto Asia Disney Springs Food Review

Morimoto Asia So today I will be taking you guys to my personal favorite Disney restaurant; Morimoto Asia. Morimoto Asia is a upscale pan-asian res

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Morimoto Asia

So today I will be taking you guys to my personal favorite Disney restaurant; Morimoto Asia. Morimoto Asia is a upscale pan-asian restaurant that features culinary delights from lion chef Morimoto. This is not just any asian joint, this place is unlike anything you have ever tasted. The food is prepared to perfection visit after visit, and it is the one place at Disney Springs I have eaten at over 20 times. ( It is that good )

If  you enjoy asian food you will enjoy this place.

On to some photos!



The building is stunning, the lighted wall is something I haven’t seen on restaurants before. 

The interior is just as jaw dropping. 

The bar is one contentious piece. From the second floor to the bottom floor. 

I got the orange chicken, and fried rice.

The fried rice is an up charge, but 100% worth it.

Morgan got the Morimoto Spare Ribs. They are a half-rack of pork ribs, garnished with cilantro, and topped off with a hoisin sweet chili glaze. This dish is only $27.00, and honestly for the amount you get along with the AMAZING flavor its most certainly a great pick for the menu. It’s my wife’s new favorite for sure, look at that sweet and spicy goodness!


I got this Lychee Martini, it is a absolut elyx and soho lychee liqueur. It was good, $14 Disney drink

This is Hot &  Sour Soup, you can get it as a cup for $9 and a bowl for $13. My friend came to visit us and this was the first time we tried it because he got it, but it is egg,  and tofu with vegetables in spicy broth. This soup was Phenomenal! Definite Must Try!

These are just water cups, but they look pretty cool!

Here is my favorite, the drink menu!

here is the Dinner Menu

A  view looking up from where we were sitting.

A view looking to the left from our table

The kitchen is super clean, and very steady paced, as you can see the workers are busy bees.

this is the back wall, its really nice how they tie in culture to the restaurant

a cool well-lit bridge upstairs in morimoto

this is the chandelier when you walk into morimoto, I took this from the bar upstairs, (Thank you to the bartender who let me take a photo of it!)

here is the bar I took that photo from. I Love the continuous bar, its probably my favorite part of their decor.

….. after the chandeliers 
Another neat decor item is the Glass jars near the ceiling.

Pretty 🙂

this is one end of the bar

there are details everywhere people!

the check in desk, every employee we have spoke with has always been friendly, and helpful! 

View from outside






If you would like to see a food vlog of mortimoto please see:



If you would like to learn more information or book a table please visit;