Hey Guys, Christian here from TPHD.   I have some awesome news to share, we are now informed there will be a new rollercoaster coming to Pi

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UPDATE: Pittsburgh’s Finest the “Steel Curtian” at Kennywood

Hey Guys, Christian here from TPHD.


I have some awesome news to share, we are now informed there will be a new rollercoaster coming to Pittsburgh’s Kennywood park in 2019.

While we do not know what the ride will be, we do however know it will be a new rollercoaster experience.

                                                                    Phantoms Revenge at KW park. Photo Via Kennywood’s Instagram

Kennywood is home to serval world class rollercoasters, as well as some classic woodies.

The Phantom’s Revenge is the parks current star attraction. Boosting a 232 ft second drop reaching speeds up to 82 mph, this is a serious coaster.

Fun fact: This was my home park growing up as a child in Pittsburgh, and I have a special place in my heart for this park.

Fans have been playing along every Thursday where the park scratches a new clue off of a lottery ticket. The project is entitled “project 412” and will take guests over the midway and lagoon near the sky coaster. The parks former Log Jammer was closed last year to make way for the new attraction.

Some fans are predicting some sort of RMC. RMC designer Fred Grubbs was spotted at the park last season and leaked plans show what looks to be a ground up woodie to go behind racer. While I don’t know if the plans leaked are accurate due to the fact they show the coaster residing fully in the space behind racer. We know now based on footers spotted in the park that the coaster will go over the midway and do something in the water area next to sky coaster. So if you saw this plans I hate to break it…. I do not think they are real. ( They could be don’t quote me, just stating what I have observed )




Here is what we have so far on the scratch off. They do this every Thursday so make sure to follow Kennywood park on IG to see more clues.

Here are what people are speculating with these clues thus far:

-Coaster could be 197 Ft tall with a 220 ft drop ( similar to how Phantom achieves its large drop )

-Coaster could have 3 trains in operation

-Each Train could hold up to 24 people


While this is just a speculation is does seem somewhat realistic.


                                                                 Rail Blazer at CGA Photo Via RMC on Instagram 

Another very popular rumor is the park will be getting a Raptor or T-Rex style RMC coaster. While the raptors do not hold 24 people, the bigger version; T-Rex, does.

This could be the very first RMC T-Rex, and it would be a great location for one. Kennywood is long overdue for a new coaster experience and I really hope to see RMC as the manufacture.  Some fans have said they think it’ll be an Intamin or Mack hyper, but RMC is the most predicted.

Non of this is facts, just all speculation and rumors from the coaster world, but we do have hard facts that there will be a brand new rollercoaster to hit Pittsburgh next summer.

We have footers!! I feel as though whatever goes through this narrow space must have a pretty small track footprint..

Who knows!


I will be covering this very closely so make sure to check back every week for more new and exciting news from the world of theme parks:)