New Tijuana Flats in Windermere, FL Next to Disney!

Tijuana Flats opened by Disney Do you love fresh Tex-Mex food? Well step on up to Tijuana Flats.  Back in ‘95 Brian Wheeler, as a college kid would w

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Tijuana Flats opened by Disney

Do you love fresh Tex-Mex food? Well step on up to Tijuana Flats.  Back in ‘95 Brian Wheeler, as a college kid would walked into a bar. But over time, the good times got the best of him and just going out no longer cut it. So Brian decided to open his own restaurant despite having never worked in one before. Only problem was, Brian was broke. Luckily, his parents weren’t. And after much begging and pleading, his dad loaned him $20,000 & Brian opened the first Tijuana Flats in Winter Park, Florida.

While we have been; and love the original location, I think their newest Windermere spot takes the cake.

Now there are tons of locations serving many happy customers throughout Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Indiana.

This Tijuana Flats is a few miles away from the Magic Kingdom; but is well worth stopping because after a long day at the parks fresh food does hit the spot!

On to the report!

Tijuana Flats Tex Mex Restaurant.

They are normally open until 10pm each night, so you can grab a bite after a day at the parks.

As you walk you will notice art; art everywhere. Each location has a unique theme crafted by local artists. A very cool approach to a small chain.

Tijuana Flats is also famous for their house-crafted hot sauce bar. Many many saucy choices to choose from.

Even the menu has a cool artistic flair to it.

My wife got a burrito bowl, it has chicken, rice, lettuce, onions, sour cream, tomatoes, and jalapeños. All of the ingredients they use are organic and always fresh. Their food never makes you feel weighed down or heavy.

Check out this Burrito! and they don’t go light on the chips (which is good for me because I love salsa and chips!) Plus their customer service is always the best!

The wait time is never long, and the staff always do the best they can to make sure you have a good meal!

The “Anything Goes” approach to food, wall art, hot sauce and life in general. 🙂

The all new location in windermere is themes to monsters, and I couldn’t get enough of it! “Lighten up or Leave”

“Next time Order a Chimichanga”

Some of the art is provided by The Art Room in Windermere

Another super awesome local attraction located in the town directly behind the Disney Parks.

I couldn’t get enough of the Art!

Here is the ordering counter! Local artists give the restaurant its color pop.

Dip it, Dip it good, if you want more chips, just ask the staff is awesome!

It is located 6527 Old Brick Rd.Ste. 100Windermere, FL 34786, which is conveniently located less than 2 miles from the Magic Kingdom. You don’t need to go on any major roads or highway to get there, and it is mainly locals only. The plaza it is located close and shares a similar to feel to Disney Springs; being very upscale and family friendly.

I hope you guys enjoy these non-park local gems. I will be on the hunt for all affordable local dinning options for travelers who want to expand past the borders of the resort… even though this one isn’t very far:)

For more information and the full menu you can see: