STEEL CURTAIN NEW 2019 ROLLERCOASTER KENNYWOOD PARK   Today Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh PA just released their plans for the all new 2019

Steel Curtain Hardhat Construction Update
NEW 2019 Kennywood Rollercoaster Updates



Today Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh PA just released their plans for the all new 2019 addition to the park. We now know that Kennywood will be adding an S&S 9 inversion rollercoaster named, “Steel Curtain”  in 2019. Asides from the insane looking steelers themed new coaster, the park will also be adding “Steelers Country”; a 2 acre land dedicated to all thing Steelers. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA and I am very happy to see my former old park getting a much needed new large scale attraction. I have seen many mixed feelings about this addition because the land is set to a local football team. This park is not a national corporate chain park, it is a local amusement park that is something us Pittsburghers hold near and dear to our hearts. This was my first park and I still have some of my best childhood memories with my family there. If you ever have lived in Pittsburgh or even just spent a long period of time there you will know how much the residents love their sports teams. The Steelers, Pirate, and Penguins are the cities famous teams that all sport the black and yellow. This is also the first time the NFL has partnered with a theme park to create such a land, and I am excited to see how it turns out. The locals will love this area, and the hard core coaster enthusiasts will still have an amazing rollercoaster to ride in 2019. All in all I think this is an amazing addition for the park and think it may possibly be the best 2019 rollercoaster. I can’t wait to go on media day to try it out next summer and get some pos footage. For now here is the POV provided by Kennywood park of the all the Steel Curtain.



Footage Via KennywoodAmusmentPark on Youtube

Whats New:

  • Steel Curtain Record Breaking 9 inversion Rollercoaster
  • End Zone Cafe
  • Steelers themed games
  • Tailgate experience at Heinz Field
  • Steelers Country New Land
  • Terrible Tower attraction/game


Pictured here is a rendering by Kennywood park of the all new End Zone cafe in the Steelers Country area of the park. It will feature Pittsburgh classics served inside a Steelers inspired restaurant. This will be the areas main sit-down style food option.

Guests will be able to enjoy and partake in many Steelers themed games in the new land. All of these games are themed around some aspect of the sports team.

Inside the lands small scale Heinz field you will find the terrible Tower!

Here is the entrance place where you will enter Steel Curtain, as well as a Splash Pad and Photo ops.

The tailgating section will offer guests an experience like they are tailgating outside of Heinz Field before a big game any day of the year. This will be right next to the End Zone Cafe restaurant.

Here is what the entrance plaza area for the new coaster. It looks amazing. The Steelers logo will be in fountain form for the young ones to play in. The coaster will feature the sports team’s colors with black track and yellow supports. Here is all the stats we know about the ride that was released with us today.

New Coaster Stats:

  • Height – 220ft
  • Max Speed – 75mph
  • Track Length –
  • Tallest Inversion – 197ft
  • 9 Inversions
  • 4,000 + feet of track
  • Breaking 3 Records ( Tallest Coaster in PA, Worlds tallest inversion, USA’s most inversions on a coaster. )
  • Built by S&S

The ride is going to be massive. It is considered a hyper rollercoaster and will break the 200ft barrier. The ride looks stunning with its mess of inversions intertwining in the steel structure.

A view of what Steelers Country will look like from the coaster once it opens next year. All I have to see if you can catch me in Pittsburgh a lot come next summer:)