RAY RUSH Opening Day Trip Report

So today I attended the opening day celebration of Ray Rush at Aquatica Orlando! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUl56SpFA-U First of all,  Sea

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So today I attended the opening day celebration of Ray Rush at Aquatica Orlando!

First of all,  Sea World did an amazing job on this attraction, Ray rush just placed my number one favorite water attraction in all of Orlando !!

The drops are great, the duration is outstanding, the launch is unlike anything I have ever seen before on a waterslide. This waterslide is truly overall an incredible experience.

When I arrived to the park, It was 10:30am and pouring down rain; we parked, headed through bag check, put our things in a locker and headed straight to ray rush!

Only one issue,

The wait was way over an hour, despite the heavy rain…


So it was back to the lockers and off to get a quick queue. For only 25 dollars at Aquatica you may skip the lines as many times as you want!!! This is such a great deal if you ask me. More waterparks should offer a service like this for such a reasonable price ( Adventure Island in Tampa offers a very similar style fast pass and is also in this price range! ). But sadly Ray Rush is not included in the normal quick queue pass, but fast passes can only be purchased online  for an additional fee.(They had some in the park don’t worry ) Although if you are an annual pass-holders, you can pick up a 1 time free ray rush quick queue pass while the times last. I would act on this asap; we got one each and got right on! Hungry for more, we went to try and buy more one time quick queues for Ray Rush. All you have to do is go see an employee at guest services, they are super friendly, and are huge theme park blog supporter. My guest services attendant gave us a bunch of passes to get all the footage we needed on the new slide!


We ended up getting a total of 7 rides on Ray Rush in under 3 hours!! We spoke with people who waited in the general line and some people waited up to an hour and 45 minutes! The one time passes were 200% worth it for getting on this slide. We also did a few other attractions while we were at it, and it was very surprising how busy the park was considering how much it had rained all morning.


Anyways, here is my review/viewpoint of what happens while on board this slide!

Basically Ray Rush is a family raft ride that is a mix between a water coaster, the Omaka Rocka Style slides, and a halfpipe style slide. The ride Ops give you the go and send the raft off a belt, you then instantly you are being propelled by water jets into a sweeping left corner. You get extremely high up on the wall from all the speed of the launch! The feeling is like when you have a full weighted family raft slide , and you hit a corner. However on Ray Rush it doesn’t matter how many people are in the raft, it always gets up the wall. After the moment you come out of the turn the slide goes straight before plunging into an orb like splash back section. This section is similar to parts on the parks other attraction Omaka Rocka. The orb is similar because it rocks the raft back and fourth, but Ray Rush’s section is fully enclosed and keeps the raft in the section for slightly longer. ( Omaka Rocka’s sections are open to the outside environment and only rock the rider back and fourth 1-3 times ) After the little orb section the slide spins its riders around in the dark before dropping them out onto the wings of the Ray. Before the drop make sure to look up and check out the beautiful translucent manta rays on the top of the slide. Following this comes a peaceful twisting section with some gorgeous blue lighting effects.

I will say this is one of the best slides in the state as well as the east coast of the United States. If your’e in Orlando this is a must ride attraction for anyone.

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