Scarowinds Review

Hello Everyone, we got the chance to head up to North Carolina to check out Scarowinds (and with special permission we got to film al the houses for

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Hello Everyone, we got the chance to head up to North Carolina to check out Scarowinds (and with special permission we got to film al the houses for you guys to check out as well!)

First on our list we checked out Slaughter house the final cut. This house was amazing with all the effects, and actual props you’d see in slaughterhouses.

The Red Ribbon Meat Company was originally founded in Charlotte in 1903 by Samuel Osteler under the name “S. Osteler Butchers.” Priding themselves on delivering premium cuts of meat to the Carolinas and beyond, the company thrived for many years and gained notoriety as the Southeast’s premier supplier of beef and pork. Once the Great Depression hit the Queen City, Osteler’s business went into a tailspin. Sales plummeted, and livestock became limited. This drove Osteler into a deep depression of his own, which ultimately came to an end when he jumped headfirst into a meat grinder. Sadly, his only son Samuel Osteler Jr. witnessed the entire event. Scared from the traumatic death and determined to bring the family business back to its days of glory, Samuel Jr. picked up his father’s cleaver and got to work – taking whatever unethical means necessary. This started by getting very cheap, malnourished livestock – the “red ribbons” of the county fairs and local farms. To further reduce his costs, he turned to the city’s growing population of homeless and poverty-stricken citizens by grinding them up and mixing their remains with his beef and pork. By the late ’40s, Red Ribbon Meats was the most profitable meat processing plant on the east coast. They had to close their doors for a brief period due to numerous health code violations, but they’re back and open for business! Samuel Jr. may be long gone by now, but the business is still going strong, luring in unsuspecting visitors under the gimmick of a factory tour with free, fresh samples. Diseased livestock and rancid meat are the least of your worries. You’ll see first-hand how they put the “Magic in the Meat.”

After Checking out the Slaughterhouse we went over to the Silver Scream Studios Condemned where you are consumed by total darkness. Below you can watch highlights of the house (I narrated the parts so you can get a feel for what is actually going on)

You and some friends decide to check out a creepy old building you found on the internet. The rumors say that failed horror movie director Von Hellsburg tried to make a memorable film by actually killing the actors! It’s been twenty years since this once infamous studio was filled with screams of victims. Now abandoned and crumbling, the halls still echo with screams of torment. 

Once we made it though Silver Screams we had to head over to Dark Harvest as that was the most anticipated of the night because it is similar to “Cornstalkers” (Formerly at Cedar Point)

Made up of burlap sacks, old clothes and a trusty pitchfork, scarecrows are the keepers of the corn. Pouched above the field they stand guard over their stalks by evoking fear into anything that threatens the crop. Night and day, they protect the sacred plants that have given them life. Recent construction in the area has put a strain on our area’s cornfields. Varmints, pests and wondering guests have started making their way into the maize – spreading their filth amongst the husk. With each wilted, black ear that falls from its stalk, the scarecrows become possessed with rage…an ear for an ear – an eye for an eye. Is this year’s crop too far gone to save? Either way, it’s going to be a very Dark Harvest.

After mazing our way through Dark Harvest it was time for the Depths of Darkness, this house was an amazing house as Carowinds utilized lasers, screens, and the effects that surely scared the “Daylights” out of me!

Journey deep into the dark mind of the infamous State Line Slasher. Darkness will consume your every step as you uncover the sick secrets that lie in wait.
More monster than man, the State Line Slasher has spent years wreaking havoc on the Carolina state line. With a trail of victims that stretch from Myrtle Beach to the Nantahala National Forest, authorities have finally captured the illusive deviant…or so they think.
Determined to uncover the whereabouts of his latest victims, authorities have taken the State Line Slasher to the abandoned Blackthorne Research Facility, once the center of controversial experiments involving mind control, brain alteration and tortured human subjects. Now, after collecting dust and rodents for more than 40 years, Blackthorne is being reopened and its wicked technology is back in operation. Desperate to uncover the mystery of mayhem left in the wake of the State Line Slasher and find his prey, we invite you to enter a mind full of torment and darkness.

Next up we saved the vest for last “Urgent Scare” this house was amazing, take a look for yourself!

Urgent Scare – where we believe FEAR is the best medicine. No matter your ailment or disease, our ethically warped staff is here to provide the scare you need for a healthy tomorrow. 

We believe in a holistic approach to serving our patients. While it may seem like a minor headache, we like to dig deep into your condition and crack back your cranium to get a better understanding of your issue. Whether you have an acute illness or a minor injury, our doctors will work around the clock to diagnose your fear and provide treatment without delay or decay. 

If you’re sick of expensive health care, we’ve found the cure. By reusing medical equipment, reissuing organs and ignoring government regulations, we’re able to cut down costs and pass the savings on to our patients. We’re committed to slashing everything, including our prices! 

Urgent Scare is now accepting new patients and new volunteers for our medical studies. Apply at the location. No appointment necessary. Check out not required.  

Thanks for Reading, stay tuned for more theme park updates and information!

Happy Haunting!