Scream-A-Geddon 2018 Haunt Review!

Hello Everyone! Halloween Season is HERE! This is perhaps a part two to one of my previous posts “Scream-a-geddon | Tampa Bay, Florida’s Scariest Haun

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Hello Everyone! Halloween Season is HERE! This is perhaps a part two to one of my previous posts “Scream-a-geddon | Tampa Bay, Florida’s Scariest Haunted House” in that article I go in depth of what to expect, prices, house descriptions and more. If you would like to read that one first you can go to it by clicking this link:

This year Theme Park HD was invited lucky enough to attend the Media Day at Scream-a-geddon. In th

is article I will highlight sections of the night. Scream-a-geddon is a privately-owned establishment and does not want any spoilers getting out, so everything provided for you to watch is approved by the S-A-G Crew before posting online. We respect that of the company so if you decide to make a trip out PLEASE do not take your cameras or cell phones into the houses, it will distract the actors, the rest of the group around you, and it will take away from the experience; and no one wants a bad time!

For me, a drive to Scream-a-geddon is an hour and forty-five minutes but add on Orlando rush hour traffic that made it two hours. So, I finally get to the entrance and our media group already started. (That was okay because they explained everything to us, and we were free to go to any house we wanted… With VIP Passes!)

Dead woods, Haunted House, Scream-a-geddon


The first house I chose to do was one of our favorites from last year, “Dead Woods” this attraction is unique to its own. This attraction is a candle lit trail through the dark (dark is an understatement, you can barely see the person next to you) aside from the candles on the ground you are provided with 1 glowstick… it helps a little. As you continue to walk down the trail you will encounter various parts of the “Tate’s” residences, and you will meet some family members along the way, just make sure you don’t run into Papa Tate.

Scream-a-geddon Demon's Revenge Haunted House

Next up for our frightful journey it was off to one of the brand-new attractions for 2018, “Demons Revenge”. Get prepared for witchcraft, sorcery and demons, No one knows much about the village of Avalon except the tale of a citizen led uprising against the cults, now they are back for their revenge and they are after you! I thought the house was really great, scares everywhere, and the costuming department did an outstanding job. Morgan was so scared at one point she turned around and went to the back of the group she couldn’t go first. To see this walkthrough click on the video below:

Scream-a-geddon Rage 3d Haunted House

Continuing our terrifying trip, we head over to RAGE 3D. Prepare to have your senses stimulated from rooms that twist and turn, actors coming out of the walls from nowhere, and loud music so no one can hear your screams. A Few Rules: 1 what happens in rage stays in rage, you can’t leave until the experience is over, and don’t be alarmed by the clown with the chainsaw! This house is Morgan’s favorite, she loves the music, the decorations and the whole 3D concept. You can see the walkthrough POV here:

Scream-A-Geddon Infected Ground Zero Haunted House

Up next is the Infected Ground Zero In previous years I have never tried the interactive, but my friends have and let’s just say you start with your group, but you end up alone! To participate in the interactive experiences, you must be 18 or older. This attraction is truly a great experience! The detail in the rooms and characters is awesome, what do you think? Check out the walkthrough POV here:

Scream-a-geddon Blackpool prison haunted house

After Infected ground zero we decided to do Blackpool Prison, this house has also been at scream a geddon in previous years. I love this house and I hope they keep it for a few more years, this is where they sent the truly horrible criminals, high security for the worst of the worst until one day they rioted and took control of the prison. Once you get in you have to do what they say to get out! This attraction is also an interactive experience (if you are 18 years or older) my friends say that the experience is very thrilling and a definite scare! To see a highlight for yourself you can see it here:

Scream-a-geddon Zombie Paintball Assault

And we always save the best for last! Zombie Paintball assault. This attraction is temporarily replacing the cursed hayrides from previous years, although we were sad the cursed hayride wasn’t there this year we were not disappointed with Zombie Paintball! This attraction is a separate ticket:

Recruit Package w/100 Paintballs = $9.95 +

Specialist Package w/ 200 Paintballs = $14.95 +

Sniper Package w/ 300 Paintballs = $19.95 +

You can see the POV & it does not disappoint, so aboard the bus & shoot some zombies!


Along with all the haunts their are plenty of refreshments and food to enjoy in the monster midway, you can sit next to the wood burning fires or even climb up a rock wall!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you have any questions feel free to comment below!