Scream-a-geddon | Tampa Bay, Florida’s Scariest Haunted House

Attention all haunt goers! Some of you may already know about this attraction, but if you haven't seen or heard about this get ready to learn about on

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Attention all haunt goers! Some of you may already know about this attraction, but if you haven’t seen or heard about this get ready to learn about one of Florida’s Scariest Haunt attractions! Last year I found this place, and I brought a group of about six people (it is probably best not to go through any of these houses alone) When I found this place it was closing weekend so I only got to go once, but after experience everything Scream-a-geddon had to offer; my whole group including myself are still talking about it. There will be a follow-up post to this of this year’s event, but this post is just discussing a little further in detail about what the event is, what to expect, and details of the event.  We are excited, so let’s get you excited!

Scream-A-Geddon, Florida’s Scariest Haunt is located in Dade City, Florida and sits on 60 acres of land. Entering this place, you drive through a wooded gravel pathway and up to the grand entrance (Here is a great place for photo opportunities). After purchasing your ticket/getting your wristband, you walk straight into the Monster midway where you can play games, buy some food, drink some beer… oh yeah, and get scared out of your mind by the monsters that lurk around every corner. By the way, Scream-A-Geddon’s Art department is phenomenal. The make up and costuming they make are above film quality, you will not walk out of this place scared. Trust us.

Scream-a-geddon Monster Midway - Food -Games - Beer

Monster Midway

First up is the Dead Woods, “This small corner of Bearstone National Park is avoided by locals due to the stories told of the Tate family who have called these woods home for five generations. The Tates have guarded their land fiercely ever since the Federal Government claimed it for the national park. Isolated for decades, the only folks to see the Tates these days are the unlucky travelers who experience car trouble or lose their way. To find your way out of Deadwoods you’ll need to navigate through dark, winding trails discovering different members of the Tate family in their cabins, workshops and outhouses. But if you happen to encounter Papa Tate, you’ll wish you had stayed on the main roads…” This attractions is really great all you have is a glow stick and your partner, and then you are sent on your way. Can you make it out alive? We will have to see!

Dead woods, Haunted House, Scream-a-geddon

Next is the Infected: Ground Zero, at “12:48am the ARES Orbital Debris Program detected a car-sized object entering Earth’s atmosphere. Normally objects of this size burn up, but the meteorite touched down near a remote campsite in Florida. The ARES investigation team mobilized to determine the extent of the impact and any casualties. Upon arrival, they discovered campers exhibiting symptoms of asphyxiation, viral contamination and severe tremors. A military quarantine team was dispatched to secure the area and provide treatment to the infected. Incident reports detailing survivor’s erratic behavior began emanating from the scene. That’s when all contact was lost. Those venturing into the quarantine zone are unlikely to survive. WARNING Infected: Ground Zero is an interactive attraction. Visitors entering Infected: Ground Zero will be faced with an important decision:

  • Should you explore the farmland and just watch the action?
  • Or should you “mark” yourself to truly interact with the creatures within?

Those who opt-in for a truly interactive experience may be grabbed, held back, sent into hidden rooms, removed from their group or even forced to remain…” Choose wisely. (Customers must be 18 years old to “mark” themselves) Our Group did the interaction last year, and it was a terrifying, but an amazing experience! Can’t wait to share the actual event with you all!Scream-A-Geddon Infected Ground Zero Haunted House

Up next is the Blackpool Prison, this is where they sent the truly horrible criminals, high security for the worst of the worst. At least until the blackout. The prisoners rioted. Once they had control, they realized they had nowhere else to go. Now the inmates control the prison, and the only way to get out alive is through them. WARNING – Blackpool Prison is an interactive attraction as well, you must be 18 or older to be marked (you may be separated from the group, forced to remain in prison cells & more)

Scream-a-geddon Blackpool prison haunted house


So next up is one of the three attractions for 2018, and I am so excited about this one. The trailer looks amazing, and knowing from the previous year how outstanding their art department is. Introducing Demon’s Revenge. “There isn’t much known about the village of Avalon. Scribbles and notes within old journals suggest a location, but the exact whereabouts are unknown. All mentions of Avalon refer to it as an epicenter of blood magic, witchcraft and the occult. Disfigured bones and rune markings litter the woods around the supposed location of Avalon. An official ledger reveals that Avalon’s residents went missing at a brisk pace. Month after month, year after year, the disappearances grew. The final tale tells of a citizen-led uprising against witchcraft, with all those accused of sorcery being tortured to death for confessions. The tale goes on to say that the souls of those executed then opened a portal to hell unleashing demons upon the village to rip apart the townsfolk one by one. Those who stumble upon the location of the portal to hell are grasped by a dark force, thrust into an alternate reality where the souls of the townsfolk are eternally subjected to the demon’s revenge…” Spooky

Scream-a-geddon Demon's Revenge Haunted House

Insanity coming to 2018 “Are you a sane person? Would you venture into a world built by your subconscious? Prepare to have your senses assaulted by strange stimuli that makes it hard to discern what’s up and what’s down. Walk through rooms that will twist, turn and rotate making you question where you are putting your next step. Yes, the walls will squeeze in and reach out for you… that is normal for this type of thing. Abnormal creatures, figures and clowns will blend in with the environment around you in a barrage of colors, shapes and architecture making you question what is living and what is a figment of your psyche.Surrender the sensation of sound as roaring music is pumped into the rooms that make screaming at the strange encounters meaningless. They can’t hear you. No one can. Get ready to have reality, fiction, dreams, nightmares all blend into one with an over-the-top experience that will leave you panicking for more.

A few rules:

  1. What happens inside RAGE 3D STAYS THERE… including your friends if they get lost.
  2. You can’t leave until the experience is over… no matter how insane you might get.
  3. Don’t be alarmed by the clown with the chainsaw… he’s there for your pleasure.

Are you strong enough to hold on to your sanity?”

Phew, this one looks really great, and the effects I’m sure will make it even better than what I can imagine.

Scream-a-geddon Rage 3d Haunted House

Lastly their new attractions for 2018 is Zombie Paintball Assault:

This attraction is so intense it requires a separate ride ticket, available at checkout *

  • Recruit Package w/100 Paintballs = $9.95
  • Specialist Package w/ 200 Paintballs = $14.95
  • Sniper Package w/ 300 Paintballs = $19.95


Buy your “Totally Incredible Civilian Killin’ Excellent Token” (or TICKET for short) at checkout/admissions for shooting zombies!

Scream-a-geddon Zombie Paintball Assault



27839 Saint Joe Road
Dade City, FL 33525

Ticket Prices:

See Website (Tickets are $5 Cheaper Online)