Six Flags Over Georgia Early 2018 Update

Hey guys, its May and memorial day weekend and that can only mean one thing. Rollercoasters are open!! Six Flags over Georgia has went all out for 201

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Hey guys, its May and memorial day weekend and that can only mean one thing. Rollercoasters are open!! Six Flags over Georgia has went all out for 2018 by adding an awesome new RMC addition where their old cyclone was.  So I just was at Carowinds Saturday-Sunday, Dollywood Monday-Thursday, and Six Flags as a halfway pit stop on Friday. I ended up staying the full day to enjoy a very empty Six Flags due to all the rain Atlanta has been having. The rain was in my favor today and got on a decent amount of rides, including the new RMC. ( More about this in a separate post ) I am saying this now but Six Flags please get your stuff together. I haven’t seen such poor operations ever at a theme park. Line jumping was happening all day, the GP was very rude, and the employees didn’t do much to aid guests enjoyment. The ticket booths were all closed in the membership area but one; after standing in line for 10 minutes the ladies didn’t call our names after visually seeing us. They just sat on their phones until we went up and asked for help, without even apologizing. I shrugged that off, its early in the season and maybe they are new or going through something personal. The operations were horrible all day but I don’t want that to take away from the great rides at this park. Well the open ones… I guess half the rides were just closed on a Friday on a peak weekend, maybe storm related? Couldn’t tell ya. I can tell you that I wont let any of that ever kill my mood at a park. I was ready to marathon some classics.

Walking into the park. It’s before park opening but gates are already allowing guests in. Ugh for school groups and storm clouds. Surprisingly this was about the most people i’d see all day.

A lot of people here for the park today! It’s weird the whole time I was here I saw like zero people. Like none at all, the park felt dead. The only time there were packs of people were on Goliath, the entry plaza, and when Twisted Cyclone first opened for the day.

See! Like zero people here now.. And every lamp around was plastered with the new ride ad. It’s working and getting me HYPE to ride today!!

I have arrived and made it past the parks security. ( They have full metal detectors now and a great team of security officers keeping the park safe ) This was new since my last visit. I feel every theme park has their signature candy shop at the exit. I remember my favorite being a kid was leaving Kennywood Park and my dad always got me these green glow in the dark alien pops. It was always the best part of the day and I always search every parks shops to see if they carry them and I’ve yet to find them other than at Kennywood.

Since Twisted Cyclone was closed due to the storm and hasn’t shown signs of running all day I headed for the next closest coaster. Georgia Scorcher was closed as well. I asked why and she didn’t have any idea. Okay two strike outs I had to get a running coaster. I was thinking maybe this park is going to be a wash out. I mean I really only cared about riding Twisted Cyclone because I was here a few weeks earlier and rode most of the coasters.

I found something opening !! Thank god, I was really hoping Goliath would be open. But another annoying thing is no one was regulating flow of people into the station. With one train running it was a complete mess to try and find an open row. At least most people didn’t queue for the back.

Goliath is the parks out and back B&M; it features a large first drop, a series of large airtime hills, a downward spiraling helix, and some bunny hops. It is no number one, but it is a solid coaster that is a huge hit with the general public. The back row provides some great forces over the first drop and helix and is one of those I prefer the back over the front.

Finally some more people, and an open ride! Gotham Crime wave is a standard swing located in the Gotham section of the park. I have done this many times so I skipped it during this visit. Also the joker loop coaster thing was being worked on and didn’t even have a train on it. So I guess that means it won’t be open after lunch 🙁

yeaaaahhhhhh this wasn’t opening anytime soon..

Also I didn’t take any photos but I got in line for batman, passed a bunch of employees and got to the station with some other guests. I was waiting around 10 minutes before anyone said that it was closed due to rain and incoming storms. I waited it out for around 15 more minutes because I really love these batman clones and it had not rained for 2 hours so far. I decided it wasn’t worth it and I didn’t want to get on the road back to Orlando too late. I saw Mindbender was open and running one train so I headed there next.

Okay so this is y personal second favorite ride at SFOG. Now I know it isn’t the tallest or fastest ride in the park, but it is just an all around fun attraction. It is ridiculously smooth, and for being one of the older attractions in the park it is easily one of the better riding coasters here. Although there was only one train running today with very slow operations, the line didn’t go past a station wait. We got two rides this visit on the Mindbender, both in the front. The loops provide good force and the lap bar only restraint system means no head banging.

Words cannot describe how amazing this coaster is. Do not over look this if you plan to visit the park, I would choose doing this over Goliath.

One train only operations mean a 3 train wait is actually like 15 minutes… Mindbender is worth it though!

( It also is like the only coaster open )

I heard some kid in line talking about that Twisted Cyclone was testing trains and it could open soon. So I headed for that area to see for myself.

He was right, and it was still closed when we walked over. They were testing the black train so I decided to wait by the entrance. I waited around 10 minutes not even and the ride opened, and I was first in line!

The ride was great!! Im not going to get to much into it here, I wrote a fully separate post just about the ride. Solid addition for the park and helps round out the collection of rides they have here. To me this is the best ride in the park and tops any other coaster in the state of Georgia.

Just look at that twisted section before the lift, madness!!

I got a bunch of rides in on Twisted Cyclone and spent most of my visit today ridding. I rode in the front, back, and middle seats to get a feeler for the rides experience. Back is craziest, but front is still my favorite. Six Flags have little screens that tell you wait times and whats open through out the park. It said Dare Devil Dive opened up so I wanted to go see if I could get a ride or two in.

Walking under the parks railroad line. Again the park is so dead today.

The trees growing over the pathway is great. It provides a shady place to sit on the hot Georgia days, and is better to look at than the backsides of the Goliath games.

I ended up putting my camera in the locker before hand so I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Dare Devil Dive, and just kind of forgot because I was still in awe of how good Twisted Cyclone was. Dare Devil Dive was good, I liked it better last time I rode in 2017. There was a slight rattle during the ride and I forgot how snappy the elements were. I rode twice and had a great time. I really do love this coaster and think it is very unique and a must for any coaster enthusiast. It has a great section of airtime on the last inversion; like you just kind of hang out upside down for a few seconds with only a lap-bar. They were running all the trains and there was a station wait the whole day. It ended up closing for the rest of the afternoon a few rides after I got off. At least I got two rides in while I could.


Also Batman is still closed, Blue Hawk never opened, Jokers Funhouse coaster never opened, and Georgia Scorcher is still closed. With no luck on the coaster side I wanted to see if The Justice League dark ride was open.

Hey its actually open! I never got a chance to ride this attraction last year so I am excited to get the chance to ride today.

My camera battery was exhausted and these are the last shots I got of the day. The dark ride was an amazing addition and actually really good. I mean it isn’t Disney quality, but it was way better than Boo Blasters at Carowinds. It had great special effects, the shooting part was really fun, and had a cool storyline. I give it a 8/10 on the dark ride scale. It started misting again by the time I got out of this ride so I doubt anything would open up.

Oh and I got this picture of Superman’s pretzel loop. I really love this ride and was upset it never opened today. In fact I never even saw it test once.. There were no employees in the station. Oh well. So on the account of nothing else being open but the few coasters I did already I headed out.

I will be back in a few weeks to film park approved POVS and waterslide POVS. I’ll get better coverage of the full overall park with rides running. It was a very eerie feeling being in such an empty park with no rides running. It was very quite and almost like something out of a horror film. Im happy and completed my main mission of this little side trip; riding Twisted Cyclone.  I got so many rides on the great little coaster it was worth it all in itself. As a bonus I got rides on Goliath, Mind Bender, and Dare Devil Dive. Six Flags over Georgia is a great middle stopping point if you live in Florida and are making the drive to Dollywood.

Now 6 and a half hours home and maybe able to catch a few rides at Magic Kingdom when home:)


Thank you for a fun few hours Six Flags, and a chance to be one of the first riders on Twisted Cyclone. Check back soon for more information about everything Six Flags and more.


As always make sure to follow for new and exciting content each and everyday !!!


Until next time:)