Slinky Dog Dash Review and On Ride POVS

Good morning from the East Coast, and the Walt Disney World Resort. As you may know, Disney just opened what could be the cutest and most unique famil

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Good morning from the East Coast, and the Walt Disney World Resort. As you may know, Disney just opened what could be the cutest and most unique family rollercoaster in the world; Slink Dog Dash. A Mack double launched rollercoaster themed to Toy Story’s own Slinky Dog? What more could you say.

Seriously this is one of the best Disney coasters I have been on and I mean that 110%. It may not be in a mountain, and resemble more of a traditional coaster, but Slinky Holds its own in the lineup of Disney coasters.

The theming for the ride is Andy has a mega coaster kit that he put together in the backyard and used Slinky Dog as the coaster train. You meander through the backyard around colorful building blocks, larger than life toys, and some of your favorite Toy Story Characters.

This ride is a family attraction but depending on where you ride can give some decent forces. If you ride in the front off the train it is a very tame and relaxing coaster experience; Even a toddler could ride just fine. This is opposite to if you ride in the rear of the train; where you experience several solid pops of airtime, good forces around corners, and more whipping over the hills. The back is my favorite seat and makes this ride amazing for teens and adults. The second launch feels like you are getting pushed back into a launcher toy to be shot out the front. The train pulls forwards and then backs up like a child is locking a hot wheels car into a launcher. The flames spin and the lights signal you are all clear to go. Whoosh and you are rocketing towards a giant hill! The lights and sounds make the ride experience even more realistic. You honestly feel as though you were shrunken down to toy size, the scaling on all the props is perfect. Check out the Daytime POV to see how insanely cool this ride is!!

Another plus about this ride is if you ride at night the experience is different yet again. The coaster features in-track LED lighting, similar to Hangtime at Knotts Berry Farm. Pictures and the Video do not do this ride at night justice. It is really breathtaking, and will have you feeling like  when you entered Pandora for the first time. Hollywood studios also used select plants to look like huge grass and shrubs; yet another way the imagineers immerse you in this land.

Some of Slinky’s little airtime bumps from the Alien Saucer Queue. Notice the small squares inside the track, those are the LED lights!


Check out this nighttime video I filmed in the backseat of Slinky Dog at night:



As you can tell in the video the lighting in the track and surrounding the coaster reacts when the ride vehicle passes by. The lighting inside the track following slinky as he goes through the track is probably the coolest rollercoaster lighting effect I have ever seen. If you look closely even Slinky’s tail wags the whole time the ride is going. Although this rollercoaster does not have on-board audio, it still uses sound effects throughout to create a better ride experience. I love the metal clanking sounds played when the coaster goes by.

I really think this coaster is going to be a huge hit for Disney, as well as the Orlando area. Imagine if Cheetah hunt and 7 Dwarves mine train had a baby, you’d have Slinky Dog. That is honestly the best way I could describe it because there is not another attraction like this anywhere in the United States.

We ended up getting 3 rides on Slinky Dog Dash on opening day and we just loved it!! Look at that happy dog face on the train, how could you not love it.

If you are planning to go to Toy Story land make sure you allow enough time for all three of the attractions. Toy Story mania, ( although a previous attraction is got a new queue ) Alien Swirling Saucers , and Slinky Dog  are the lands three current attractions that all have very long wait times. On opening day the Slinky Dog had an average wait time of 270 minutes all day, with a 3 hour wait to even enter the land its self. ( If you have a Fast Pass or Disability pass you can bypass the wait to enter the land ) So make sure you allow a half day to experience this land and this attraction if you plan to visit anytime in the next few months.

This attraction does not operate if lightning is in the area and can close without warning. It closed twice due to storms just on opening day, but that didn’t sop the crowds from still waiting.

This attraction has a 36inch heigh requirement to ride and is suitable for the whole family.

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