Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire (The VOID at Disney Springs)

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire (The VOID at Disney Springs)

If you're coming to visit Walt Disney World for the holidays or in the near future, you'll most likely be visiting Disney Springs at some point. D

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If you’re coming to visit Walt Disney World for the holidays or in the near future, you’ll most likely be visiting Disney Springs at some point. Disney Springs is home to shopping, amazing restaurants, live music, and great entertainment.

One of the newer additions to Disney Springs is called The VOID. The VOID is a fully immersive VR experience and when we say fully immersive, we really mean it! If you have experienced virtual reality before, this is on another level even from that. We went and visited The VOID for a second time (I previously went back when it had just opened in January 2018). Having experienced this twice now, I felt like writing an in-depth review. So, let’s go!

First off, you do need to book reservations for this experience. You can do so here. The current pricing is $29.95 per person Monday through Thursday and $32.95 per person Friday through Sunday (and holidays). While $30 is a bit much for a game experience, I think it’s worth it! I recommend booking your reservations ahead of time, if possible. This experience is rarely booked up as they have a new group going through every 15 minutes, but the sooner you book it, the more likely you are to get the time slot you want. I booked mine only 3 days out, so it wasn’t too bad.

I suggest arriving at least 5-10 minutes early. On busier days, there may be a line outside of The VOID and you’ll want to be sure to be in line early rather than miss your reservation. Pro tip: Park in the Lime Garage if you’re driving to Disney Springs. It’s the closest garage to The VOID!

Once you arrive you’ll either join the line or walk inside the facility. You’ll be greeted by a cast member and they will scan your ticket. You’ll need to print your ticket or show the email from your smartphone. They will then direct you to iPads where you’ll sign a consent form and then it will print your wristband. Another cast member will tear your wristband and put it on your arm (this will be used later). The cast member will then direct you to join another line.

Now, once you’re in this line, you’re basically waiting for 4 people. Each experience is designed for 4 people. If you have 4 in your party, great! If you don’t, be warned that you will most likely be paired up with another couple or single person. Once 4 people are together and the next room is clear, you’ll move into the first room! A cast member will provide further instructions, but once in this room you’ll watch a short intro video to set the stage and scan your wristband to choose your stormtroopers color. Pro Tip: Don’t use the same colors of those in your party! Make sure everyone has a different color. This will help you identify who is who once the game begins!

Once the video ends, you’ll be instructed to move into the game room! Now, you’ll wait in one last line before gearing up. Once the cast members are ready, they will call for your group to follow them. They will lead you into an area that has vests and goggles hanging everywhere. In this room, a cast member will fill you in on everything you need to know. They will also assist you with putting on the VR vest (weighs about 30 or so pounds) and the VR headset. Pro Tip: Make sure to tighten both the vest and headset. The headset has a top and back knob that you can turn to adjust the tightness. I recommend making it as tight as possible, and loosening it from there. Be sure to look at the example photo (in your headset) while you adjust so you see the picture clearly (think eye doctor’s office).

Once your group has everything on, the cast member will do one final check to make sure you can see and hear. You’ll be able to hear each other through the headset as well! It’s pretty cool. Once the group is all set, you’ll be directed into a smaller room where the experience begins! No spoilers here, but I will reiterate that this is a highly immersive experience, so you’ll be able to touch, hear, and sense things around you!

Once inside, the experience will take about 10-12 minutes (rough estimate). And that’s my only complaint about The VOID – it’s too short! You’ll be having so much fun and then it ends. I guess it’s a good reason to visit again!

Have you experienced The VOID at Disney Springs? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!