The Edison

The wait is over! I was so thrilled to be able to enjoy this new dining experience at Disney Springs! From a warm welcome at the entrance, to the

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The wait is over! I was so thrilled to be able to enjoy this new dining experience at Disney Springs! From a warm welcome at the entrance, to the unique twists on classic flavors, to the dazzling themed atmosphere, The Edison restaurant truly takes you on a journey to the past! The Edison is themed to the roaring 1920s era and is set around the spirit of innovation and invention, which fits perfectly among the Walt Disney brand! As you enter the emporium styled building, you are almost immediately greeted by colorful cogs, unique ‘Edison’ styled light bulbs, and of course, a smiling face! This two story restaurant has several seating options, but because of the popularity you may want to book a reservation before walking in. Entertainment was also popping! We were greeted by a flapper dancer on stilts and given the opportunity to meet one of the mad scientist inventors, Roy.

The menu was anything but ordinary and just about any item you order will send your tastebuds on a brand new adventure! Every item on the menu had a special twist and title that played it’s part in setting the atmosphere. We started with one of their signature ‘mocktails’, the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. The ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ was a tropical themed drink sure to quench your tastebuds and satisfy your craving for a Dole Whip. As for an appetizer, the ‘Clothesline Candied Bacon’ is the way to go. An explosion of new and familiar flavors flood your mouth with every bite! The Candied Bacon comes with a side of sugary fruit dipping sauce and some pickles that pack a little bit of a kick. The Bacon was thick, but crispy at the same time and the campfire smoke flavor is sure to bring back fond camping memories. Next were the entrees, the ‘Crisp Fried Chicken’ was served in the shape of a smiley face so you could call this an ‘adult happy meal’! The chicken came with a side of creamy mashed potatoes with green onions. This meal is a classic and a ‘go to’ for any picky eaters out there! Of course we had to try ‘The Edison Burger’. It definitely lived up to the expectation! The burger itself consisted of a beef blend of sirloin, short rib, and brisket topped with sharp cheddar cheese, onion rings, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and ‘Special Sauce’. ‘The Edison Burger’ was also served with a side of French fries. 

No Disney dining experience is complete without a cherry on top right? Does the “Really Big Black Cherry Cream Shake’ count? This 32 ounce milkshake, served in beaker from Edisons lab, was topped with Nerds candy, robot gummy candy, a whole lot of whipped cream, and, you guessed it, cherries on top. Layers upon layers of goodness. We also enjoyed the famous ‘Lollipop Tree’, a cheesecake pop tree with bubblegum whipped cream on the side! 

I can honestly say The Edison restaurant was one of the most unique and enjoyable Disney dining experiences I’ve ever had! Truly inventive! 


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