Top 5 Highly Anticipated Rides Coming In 2019!

Top 5 Highly Anticipated Rides Coming In 2019! Hello Everyone, 2019 is a heck of a year for roller coasters and I can't wait to share with you what i

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Top 5 Highly Anticipated Rides Coming In 2019!

Hello Everyone, 2019 is a heck of a year for roller coasters and I can’t wait to share with you what is in store!

1. Tigris

First Up, and one of my favorite rides coming near me is “Tigris” A death-defying steel launch coaster aka Florida’s tallest — with sky-high barrel turns and steep drops that’ll supply thrills 150 feet off the ground. The vibrant orange track (in honor of its Tiger conservation ethos) includes forward and backward launches that will propel guests up to 60 miles per hour until they reach a purposefully slow roll at the top.

2. West Coast Racers

Next, on the other side of the country, I am excited to see the “West Coast Racers” Coming to Six Flags Magic Mountian in 2019 the all-new dueling coaster is set to reach speeds up to 55 miles per hour. Get Ready to twist, turn and spring over hills across the first-ever racing launch coaster. Two laps will be aided by four magnetic launches and eye-catching vehicles designed by the famous West Coast Customs, who will also be featured in an exciting mid-ride “pit stop.”

3. Maxx Force

Over at Six Flags, Great America is another great ride coming in 2019. The all-new “Maxx Force” launch coaster will reach new levels hitting the tallest double-inversion in the world, Maxx Force will also hold the title for the fastest inversion of any coaster in the world and the fastest launch, reaching 78 mph in under two seconds. (That is Faster than my E63S Sports Car).

4. Copperhead Strike

One of the only theme parks in the World that lies in two states, Just on the Border of North Carolina and South Carolina Carowinds is bringing us a pure gem. With the most inversions of any double-launch coaster in North America, this quick-accelerating debut made by MACK will set a new record Spring 2019. The first launch, taking brave riders from 0 to 42 mph, and the second, from 35 to 50 mph, all guarantee the ride won’t let up if the five previous inversions didn’t seem intimidating enough.

5. Steel Curtain

To the North tucked in the valley comes a true beast in 2019. The Steel Curtain located at Kennywood in Pennsylvania is a triple threat when it comes to breaking records. A Pennsylvania state record (tallest roller coaster), a North American record (most inversions), and a world record (tallest inversion).

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these rides coming soon, we can’t wait to share with you the actual POV’s so stay tuned!