Toy Story Land Night Time Experience

Christian here from TPHD, bringing you the opening night of Toy Story Land. I braved the crowds so you didn't have too!   The first night T

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Christian here from TPHD, bringing you the opening night of Toy Story Land. I braved the crowds so you didn’t have too!


The first night Toy Story land was open to the public we were there to capture the beauty of Andy’s backyard at night.

Now let me be clear this land is so much different at night than it is during the day. If you have been to Pandora and know that it is a totally different experience at night; Toy Story Land has a similar effect.

Enough talk..

Lets get to the pictures 🙂

As soon as you walk into the land you are welcomed by a giant Rex on top of building blocks. With an occasional Slinky Dog coming through. The whole coaster track has LED lights in it. Think Hangtime at Knotts but a step above.

Here is the gorgeous new entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania. Themed to a midway games playset.

Here is a view of the very crowded midway on Opening night. See how half the coaster track is blue? That is the LEDs changing as the coaster car passes over.

Speaking on Slinky Dog, our fast pass is up.

The cutest rollercoaster train award goes to…..


Anyways here is a awesome low light nighttime 4k POV :

As you can see by the video. So different at night. I prefer it to the daylight rides.


No where to sit:(

It’s time for some food at Woody’s Lunchbox. More on that in my other blog post. But seriously this is very amazing food. The adult lemonade was my favorite 🙂

Time for some nighttime rides on Alien Swirling Saucers. Another ride that is even better at night.

The amazing bathrooms I spoke of in my earlier posts, but at night. The colors really pop with all the lights turned on. I hope they keep all the lights well maintained.. But knowing Disney they will.


We actually got another Fast pass for Slinky Dog so we are headed back to get our final and 4th ride of the night. 

The lights are seriously so awesome!

Still a very long wait… So happy to get one more ride though 🙂

Inside the station at night. It is so vibrant, and with all the lights it is even better than in the day!!!

Backrow is the best row:)

It gives the ride a lot more of a thrill, and makes it more “adult” friendly. 

Go ! Go ! Go !

This ride has some great photo opportunities. It gets so close to the path!

One last shot of Slinky Dog before I head to my car. Ugh a very long walk back. 


Goodnight Toy Story Land. I hope you had as much fun reading as I did riding. Stay tuned or more awesome reviews and content from the newest Disney World land.. in HD 🙂