Toy Story Land Opening Day. Review, Pics, Videos and More!

Hello World Wide Web users, It's Christian from TPHD here covering everything that happening on the grand opening g of Toy Story land at Walt Disne

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Hello World Wide Web users,

It’s Christian from TPHD here covering everything that happening on the grand opening g of Toy Story land at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

I only have a 5-10 minute drive usually to Hollywood Studios from home, but today this was not the case. Me and Morgan woke up at 6:30a.m to get over to Hollywood Studios, and we didn’t arrive until 8:30….

Now lets go back a little bit, we did get up that early but the park didn’t open until 8 so we decided to leave around 7:30 to get there right at opening times. I check Instagram before we leave and people are somehow already in the land? I read on to find people have been waiting at the gate all night to be the first in. The park opened around 6am to let all of the crowd get in; So we rushed a little and headed out. The drive was only 10 minutes, we decided to use the back entrance to save some traffic. The right lane was backed up all the way down to the freeway exit. It was an easy 30 minutes just to get to the parking booth people. After 30 miserable minutes of warding off traffic cutters from trying to jump in front of me and skip the line ( I wouldn’t let anyone in, most had to go do A u-turn , employees were not having the traffic jumpers either. )

I got to the gate, scanned my magic band and proceeded into the parking lot. The parking lot is a complete mess with all the construction for the new skyway system, so another 20 minutes in a traffic line to the next parking attendant.  I have a handicap parking permit due to my metal left leg, so I was hoping for a quicker parking in the disability lot but of course it was full. They did have a temp handicap lot over on the other side of the tram, so we parked and headed in.

About 15 minutes later that temp lot would be completely full as well, so I am happy we got a decent spot:)


They had like 9 extra security lines set up so the security and entering the park was a breeze. Less than 10 minutes. Really great job on the studios security today, it was one of the quickest bag check days ever.


So I’m headed to go to Toy Story Land when I see this….


Yes that is a line to get into Toy Story Land. It is 8:45 am and it is a 3 hour wait to just get into the land… Plus another 270 minutes for Slinky Dog Dash, 160 for Alien Swirling Saucers, and 90 for Toy Story Mania.

Thank God we have a fast pass at 1:05 PM, and we checked in for the Alien Swirling Saucers anytime after 11:30 am.

Instead of waiting in the 3 hour wait, we decided to go ride Tower of Terror and possibly Rock n Rollercoaster before our time to enter the land are ride the rides were up.

The park been open I guess since way earlier than 8am, but this is the crowds on Sunset at 8:45 am.

Tower was 60 minutes, but we hadn’t a thing else to do so we waited it out. Me and Morgan go to pay on the new interactive Disney App and it actually really helped pass the time. It felt like 10 minutes and we were already inside the lobby.  We ended up waiting a total of 2 hours almost for tower.


Ahhhhh I love that ride so much. Seriously it is probably the best drop tower I have ever been on in the world. It may not be the tallest, but every-time you ride it gives you that dropping feeling in your stomach. Paired with the amazing backstory and theming, name a better tower? And don’t go naming the other towers at the Disney Parks because they are all great:)

I love this little empty pond. Detail everywhere.

Up next to ride, front row too!!! Expect an amazing Low Light POV of Tower of Terror within this next upcoming week:)

A nice 20 minute line to get a coffee from Jofery’s was ehhh. But with opening day of Toy Story the whole park is packed.

I wanted to ride Rock n Rollercoaster but it was at a 100 minute wait, and I really wasn’t feeling waiting that long for that ride. I have ridden it so much and while its my favorite Disney Coaster, I didn’t want to miss our time to go into the new land. With still around 1 hour to kill we got the opening day Cupcake and some chicken fingers for lunch. Luckily Morgan got us a seat under the fan so we just hung out in the breeze until our time to head to Toy Story was up.

Let’s get to what you came here for. TOY STORY LAND!!!:)

Waiting in the fast Pass line. 15 minutes beats 3 hours. Seriously they should do something like return times for when people without fast passes can visit the land. At least so they can enjoy the other attractions in the mean time.

They have someone scanning to make sure you actually have a Fast Pass next to the entrance to the little mermaid show.

This is the line still to get into the land. It was over 3 hours when I took this. RIP too Pixar Place 🙁

Last little stretch to get in, I SEE IT!!!

We have arrived ! Already you feel as through you just got shrunk down to Toy Size and entered Andy’s backyard! Maybe that old machine from Hunny I shrunk the audience had something to do with this…

Yes that line on the right hand side is the start of the Slink Dog Dash queue. So much to look at in every picture you take in this land. The Giant building blocks, the KNEX fences, and Andy even left some shoe prints in his dirt.

These guys are marching around the land with a crew of new recruits.

Here is the newly relocated entrance to the Toy Story Mania Attraction. I love it and it really feels like it has a proper home now. Pixar place was always like a filler land in my opinion and I’m happy to see it in the new Toy Story Land. Plus look how great the entrance looks, like another play set Andy started to set up.

A Beautiful Day to be riding the newest coaster at Walt Disney World. Sadly in around 45 minutes it would be thunder and lighting storms for the next 5 hours. 🙁

The new bathrooms are awesome, super clean and have a huge capacity. Even with the crowds there were no rest room lines, Good job Disney. Storms are rolling in so we are going to to try to get on Slinky Dog.


The AMAZING new restaurant option for the land. The grilled cheese was the best I have ever had. Go try it; seriously it was the bomb. The adult lemonade and the root-beer floats were also outstanding, but the food is for a separate post:)

The rest rooms I spoke of earlier. Theming everywhere you look, and the scaling is spot on. I love the colors of this land.

So this was the first day using our new Sony A7sii so this photo was not in RAW and was a little bright:( But this is the entrance area for the Swirling Saucer ride, and also will be where Galaxy’s Edge will connect.

Since we do have a Fast Pass we tried out Swirling Saucers which is like a modern day whip. We got on in less than 5 minutes with the Fast Pass and really enjoyed the attraction. the ride time was a lot shorter than I was hoping for, but maybe this is to help get crowds through faster on opening day. Still a solid ride with some mild thrills everyone will enjoy.

You can even buy a little model of the ride vehicle in the gift shops at the park. We will be doing a whole video and blog post reviewing all the amazing merchandise from Toy Story Land.

Check out the POV of the Ride below:


We love Swirling Saucers 🙂


The Exit area for the two ride platforms.

Our time is ready for Slinky Dog Dash, here we go!

In the Fast Pass line… Hoping we get on before this storm hits.

Detail Detail Detail.

I love how every place you look seems as if Andy built it himself.

Here we go!

Currently a 270 minute wait. Fast Pass for the win!

The Queue has some really awesome larger than life props.

The first launch section as seen from the Fast Pass line.

The coaster really does look like Andy put it together in his backyard. The fence and the landscaping really helps add to the immersive environment the imagineer team was going for.

We are next up for the front row!!! Only took around 15-25 minutes in the Fast Pass line. Plus the station has an unload and loading platform similar to Everest to help with capacity.

That was amazing!!!! I loved every second of it. I was blown away with how themed this attraction was; everywhere you looked there was something to be seen. The front seat was very tame, but still provided a smooth and fun family coaster experience. The launches are fun and not to forceful for young kids or older adults. The ride is a longer duration and has a wide variety of different roller coaster elements. The ride has a double down, S curve, giant helix and more. If you want more of a thrill ride in the back seat it completely changes the ride from a tame family coaster, to a wilder ride wth airtime and mild forces in the corners.

Get on a virtual ride with us now!!! Here is the daytime Front Seat POV:


And if you have a VR headset check out our 360 front seat POV video here:


I love how in the 360 you can see the camera setup! We make sure to use the best cameras, Lenses, and microphones allowed to give the most clear and lifelike POVS out there 🙂

Ughhhhhh here comes the storm. We were legit the last train to be sent on Slinky Dog. Good timing on our part.

This is one beautiful S Curve. The little block towers on the right hand side shine a really bright light. I don’t know if that is a camera or not but nothing appeared in our photo pass.

No people, still cycling trains for around 10 minutes before they all stopped.

Since it is pouring and I don’t want to ruin my camera and our backpack isn’t waterproof we got in line for a round two on Swirling Saucers.

It even closed due to lightning. We waited it out for around an hour and finally got on.

The Queue line overlooking Slinky Dog Dash.

Waiting to get on, it just reopened from the Lightning. Strange it closed in the first place its all under rood, even the line for the most part.

Another lap!

And thats a wrap on the day !!! It is pouring so badly now and there is no place for shelter with all the people. I wasn’t going to risk damaging the cameras so I decided to head home for a bit and get the first POVs up on the channel. We will be back in a few hours after the storms for a nighttime Blog. With nighttime POVS 🙂


I hope you enjoyed and keep checking back for all the best coverage of opening day at Toy Story Land.