Trick or Treat?

Today at Theme Park HD we have a question for you, “Trick or Treat”? If you answered “Treat” you’re in for one! We decided to take a haunting journey

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Today at Theme Park HD we have a question for you, “Trick or Treat”? If you answered “Treat” you’re in for one! We decided to take a haunting journey around Magic Kingdom Park to discover the spooky but sweet treats offered for the Halloween season!

Our first stop? The confectionary on Main Street, of course! Along with many other Halloween themed confections, we discovered three that caught our eye!

One, a giant piece of Candy Corn? This festive rice crispy treat is dressed in colorful white chocolate and yellow sprinkles. 

Presentation rating: 7/10, Very creative use of colors, chocolate, and sprinkles! The Cast Member’s have also captured a very good candy corn shape!

Flavor rating: 7/10, very yummy flavor combination of white chocolate and rice crispy.





The second treat we got was a Mickey Mouse mummy on a stick! This little guy was also a rice crispy treat with m&m eyes and white chocolate bandages.


Flavor rating:7/10, very delicious, about the same as the candy corn. 

The last treat we got at the confectionary was a Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lantern caramel apple! This apple was dipped in caramel, white chocolate, covered in orange sprinkles, and topped with two marshmallow Mickey ears!

Presentation rating: 9/10


Flavor rating: 6/10. While you pretty much can’t go wrong with a caramel apple and this one was very good, we found that the mixture of white chocolate and caramel left a strange aftertaste. 

Our next stop was just a few doors down, the Main Street Bakery(aka Magic Kingdom Starbucks)

The bakery had 3 Halloween treats in store for us. We started with the Halloween Sugar-cookie. This is one of the famously yummy sugar cookies offered year round at the Bakery but for spooky season, this traditional cookie is decorated with ghost, bat, and pumpkin sprinkles.

Presentation rating: 5/10

Flavor rating: 7/10

This next treat has been pretty popular in the hashtags, it’s the “Not-So-Poison Apple Cupcake”

This cupcake is an apple spice cake with slices of apples and pecans with a scoop of red icing with a licorice stem. 

Thus cupcake is an explosion of fall flavor that melts in your mouth. There is a lot of red icing that we think lacked in flavor compared to the actually cupcake, so if you’re not an icing fan you may want to scrape this part off. 

Presentation rating: 10/10

Flavor rating: 7/10



The third treat we found at the bakery is any cinnamon lovers dream-come-true. The new Mickey Spiderweb Cinnamon Roll! Calories don’t count when you’re at Disney right?

This three-in-one cinnamon roll is mouth watering and jazzed up for Halloween with a chocolate spiderweb and white chocolate orange drizzle. 

Presentation rating 9/10

Flavor rating:9/10

Anyone up for time travel? We hopped over to Auntie Gravity’s in Tomorrowland to try two “chilling” treats that have been walking around everywhere. 

The first one, Candy Corn Soft Serve! Candy Corn is one of the first things most people think of when they think of fall and Halloween, but what does it taste like in ice cream form? Don’t worry we took on the daunting task of figuring that out!

Presentation rating: 4/10, although the colors are beautiful when twisted together, this treat began to lose its ice cream form very quickly and ended up being very messy. We also think the ice cream was missing the yellow aspect of traditional candy corn. 

Flavor rating: 8/10, while the presentation could use some help and lots of napkins, the flavor is not lacking here! The way they packed the flavor of candy corn into this ice cream is mind blowing! It tastes exactly like it and is a great way to cool off in the Orlando “fall” weather. 

The next chilling snack we tried was the Candy Corn Milkshake. I have seen this drink all over the internet and walking around the parks ever since it came out. It’s topped with vanilla cotton candy, a Halloween themed straw, and a Mickey Mouse marshmallow. 

Presentation rating:9/10, this was one of the cutest treats we got to try and the creative use of color, cotton candy, and marshmallow was great. 

Flavor rating: 4/10, while the presentation of this treat was on point, the flavor just wasn’t there for us. Especially compared to the Candy Corn Ice Cream, this milkshake was lacking in that explosion of flavor. It was also served a bit warm and left a bitter taste after drinking. Bottom line, if you want the pretty presentation with Mickey marshmallow, go for it, but if you’re in it for the candy corn flavor, I’d go for the soft serve. 

After time traveling in Tomorrowland, we decided to join the circus over in Storybook Circus. Offered here and a few other locations in the park are two treats that was perfect for celebrating this spooky season!

Candy Corn Cotton Candy, try saying that five times fast! This is such a creative use of the different cotton candy colors. 

At first we though all the colors tasted like candy corn, but they each have their on unique flavor! 

The white is grapefruit, the orange is orange, and the yellow is vanilla. 

Presentation rating: 8/10

Flavor rating 9/10

The next is a grim take on a Disney classic, popcorn! This sinister popcorn caldron lights up the night and actually holds a lot of popcorn. A snack and souvenir, and after you finish your popcorn you can use this to hold all your candy if you stay for Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Can you find the Hidden Mickey?

Presentation rating 10/10

Flavor rating:8/10 

And we certainly can’t forget to include this last one! Over at Storybook Treats, Disney has taken a bewitching twist on the Peter Pan Float with the Maleficent Soft Serve. This Lime soft serve is refreshing and delicious served in an Oreo waffle cone, with chocolate Maleficent horns, and purple sprinkles. Don’t worry there’s no sleeping spell in this green treat!  Presentation rating: 9/10

Flavor rating 10/10 

All of the treats we featured are available all day at Magic Kingdom whether you are there for the Halloween Party or not! 

If you try any of these treats, be sure to let us know on instagram @ThemeParkHD!