Universal Orlando Anounces Endless Summer Resort

With Orlando attractions popping up left and right, Universal Resort just announced their plans on to do on the old Wet n Wild property. Many speculat

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With Orlando attractions popping up left and right, Universal Resort just announced their plans on to do on the old Wet n Wild property. Many speculations have been floating around about what would happen to the land they acquired before opening Volcano Bay, and now we can finally know the future of the land. A giant resort! Universal plans to add the Endless Summer “Budget” resort in the upcoming years. They advertise that the resort; which will be made up of two hotels ( Surfside inn and suites and Dockside inn and suites) , will offer luxury amenities at a cost any family can afford. Universal claims in their release statement that this resort will offer exclusive benefits that only a Universal Hotel can offer at a price anyone can afford.

(Photos Curtesy of Universal Orlando Resort)

In the rendered pictures they have released of the hotel it certainly looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Universal  claims that rooms will start as low as $73 once the property opens. I have seen (And stayed in) motels that cost more a night off of random areas of highways; so for Universal to offer a property cheaper than some motel 6’s is incredible. From the outside it looks just as luxury and themed as any other one of their on-site hotel resort properties.  Universal says on their official park blog that Surfside inn and suites side of the resort will open first in 2019, following by the opening of the second half the next year.



I mean come on , these rooms look fantastic !

Just from the renders we can tell that the rooms will be themed to the beach and given the Universal spin to add that special pop. A large flatscreen mounted to the wall can be enjoyed by guests if the pool view gets tiresome to look at. From the looks of it guests can choose between a few of the resorts pool area, or the lake the property sits next to.



To me the buildings really scream Universal. I don’t know if its the colors they chose or if its just the shape, but it looks amazing. Although not to many details have been announced by the resort, we can assume a few things about the future property. Since this resort will be located on the other side of interstate 4, Universal will have to provide guests with some sort of transportation service to and from the 3 parks. I figure it’ll be a Volcano Bay style bus system that will be running on public roads; I really can’t see Universal Adding anything else due to the resorts location. We also can assume that the hotel will feature at-least one pool side area and a possible boat rental area. ( Seeing from thew two sail boats in the bottom left of the render)  It also can be safe to say that this hotel will be 100% unique to any Orlando theme park resort because it will be directly off of I-Drive. With the current selection of on site resorts there is none that sit off of the property, or even sit more than a 5 minute walk away. This means for the first time guests will not be able to walk to the parks, but instead will be able to have the whole I drive at there fingertips. This is a huge plus for families visiting Orlando who possible want to do other things than just Universal. With this hotel families can go to universal as well as walk to  Funspot, Magic Midway, Orlando Starflyer, Drive 360, and many more attractions. This may be the resort for families looking to experience more of what Orlando has to offer, but don’t want to jeopardize safety, quality, and convenience of a Universal Resort hotel.

For now all we know is that a brand new amazing resort will be coming to I-drive and Universal in the next upcoming years. With all of these new rooms, it makes me wonder what Universal plans to do with all of its newly acquired land. I’m hoping to see the Universal resort grow to a size of Disney one day; with more parks, more resorts, and more things to do than they offer currently. I’m glad to see the Wet n Wild’s land put to good use again, and I am glad to see Universal offering more options for families. Once Universal announces more details we will know more about what will be inside this massive property; until then, keep checking back to Theme Park HD for more news and updates on this resort as well as everything Universal.