Universal Studios Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Night 28 Media Event

Universal Studios Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Night 28  Hello everyone, and welcome to media night 2018 for the world's premier halloween event

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Universal Studios Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Night 28 

Hello everyone, and welcome to media night 2018 for the world’s premier halloween event; Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.

Get ready to scream like a baby when all of your nightmares come to life in the 10 horrifying houses, and 5 scare zones.

So let’s head into opening night of HHN 28!!

We also had media passes for the event, so we had special privileges to film and take photos in the houses and at the event. ( please do not film or take photos in the houses, just enjoy them. )

We arrived for the 5:30pm check in just in time. The park was crazy busy, I mean it was opening night of the best Halloween event in the world!


Crowds gathered to get in. Im happy we weren’t waiting in that.  We checked into the media tent, got into groups and got escorted into the park through the VIP tour building.

Like always, the midway games are setup in front of Rip Ride Rock it. Behind the tents are the lines for Stranger things and Poltergeist.

We are headed into the media party room. You may recognize this stage building, you can see it from two lines at the event, and many guests love the photo op. Inside housed the food, the opening night media event, and more!

Each Maze was represented with a themed banner and items; later on scare actors would go stand next to them for great media photo ops. Wanna take a walk through but can’t get to the event, no need to worry… check out our video of the maze below!

Members of the media are gathering in for the ceremony, the area looked amazing! Universal always does an outstanding job with their media previews.

The first scare zone when you enter the event. It wasn’t much, and probably the weakest of all the zones. But the posted looked cool!

One of our favorite mazes of the nights 🙂 Dare to walkthrough? Check out our 4k video of the maze below

An original content scare zone..check out the video of the zone below!

We had a little treat before our group was called to head out to the mazes and scare zones!

Some cute treats, that were just as good to eat as they were to look at. The unlimited drinks was the best part about the media party. They really hit it out of the park with their mixed drink options this year.

Coasters, and haunted houses, anything else sound better this time of year? I think not !!

All your favorite rides are still open while the event is going on.

Killer Klowns scare zone was awesome !

This is in a new location, removing the scare zone section from the SAN – FRAN area of the park. Make sure to check out the projections on the buildings.

Getting a walkthrough in the Chucky zone. I love the interactions with the actors in this zone. Check out the video below!

We walked through the zone to the all new Halloween 4 house inside of the Shrek soundstage. It was a great maze, very long for the stage, the scares are great, and the sound track is my favorite of the event!

Time to watch the all new show. This replaced the iconic Bill and Ted, but I think it was a great fit.. I loved it !! 10/10 would see again.

The whole black light thing was awesome. Great theming and great show, seriously the talent was off the charts on this.

Everyone freaked out when these laser hands came on.. insanely cool. never seen anything like this !

Good will always beat evil cyborg robots.

I hope you liked as much as we did. Onto more mazes!! Starting with the Horrors of Bumhosue next door. Probably my least favorite maze, it felt very similar to last year, although the inside scares were a tad better. I did like the Happy Death day parts, it looked true to the film.

Next up is the parks new original content house; Slaughter Sinema. Such a great an fun house. All I can head is ” Daddddddy” from pumpkin guts. Check out the video below ! It had a solid 90-100 minute wait the whole night so it was very popular among the guests.

Best part of media night!!! Time for the other OC house; Dead Exposure. One of the more intense houses, with all the stones it is very distorting in person. I liked the maze though, and hope to see it return next season.

YESSSS!!! One of the highlight mazes of the year. SO good, I mean SOOOOO good. The sets were awesome and the scares on point.

Last maze over at this end of the park, in a new location. Check it out !

One of the huge set pieces outside of Twisted Traditions Scare zone.

Headed to get the last few mazes !!

Walkthrough Poltergeist with us, if you dare 😉

Right out of Poltergeist we went into Scary Tales. It was an ok house, the set was amazing, but the scares didn’t really do it for me. Cool concept though..

These next pictures are of all the awesome food the served us before heading into the last maze of the night.

Love love love the 80s theme they had going.

Even the bathrooms got the 80s treatment!

Where else but universal !!!! Such a great event.Now lets goo through the last maze, STRANGER THINGS!!! One of the best HHN mazes I have ever been in. I loved it, just watch for your self and see 🙂


Oh and you can’t forget the biggest scare zone, Vamp 85!!

Take a stroll down the wildest party of the year, and help the vamps ring in 1986!

Vamp 85 was super cool, while I preferred the Purge over this… the 80s theme was alive and well and mixed great with the other few houses. The actors all were great and the show they did when the ball dropped was really cool.

Keep it rock’n and hope to see you guys at HHN 28!!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed the post, and make your way to HHN28 at Hollywood, Orlando, Japan, and Singapore!