UPDATE: Pittsburgh’s Finest the “Steel Curtian” at Kennywood

UPDATE: Pittsburgh's Finest the "Steel Curtain" at Kennywood Hey Everyone! As 2019 is swiftly approaching that means there has been many men and wome

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UPDATE: Pittsburgh’s Finest the “Steel Curtain” at Kennywood

Hey Everyone! As 2019 is swiftly approaching that means there has been many men and women at work constructing some of our most favorite coasters!

So today we are giving you the scoop on the Steel Curtain coming to Kennywood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This S&S coaster is being built as Kennywood’s 8th coaster themed to the Steelers football team. Being from Pittsburgh, this is a huge deal. Kennywood hasn’t gotten a new rollercoaster since Skyrocket in 2012; so when they announced a 9 inversion record breaker everyone was blown away.

(Images Curtsey Of Kennywood Park)

The Supports are being set up, there are many cranes to get these huge steel parts into place. We will be at their Winter event this week to see this for ourselves. The lagoon will really never look the same again after this giant steel coaster comes in to town. Pittsburgh is the steel city so all of the massive steel columns and track will pay homage to the great industries that define the city. If you look closely you can see the last inversion being installed first near the center of the picture.

Christmas lights, The Phantoms Revenge, and the new Steel Curtain Supports all can be seen from the Kennywood Lagoon now. I LOVE how close the sky coaster and the Steel Curtain will be to each other.

The crew at Kennywood has done sooo much work on the ride in the last few weeks. A lot of the rides support work has gone vertical and is nearing completion and ready for track work.

Speaking of track work…..That track looks so nice! I can’t wait for the ride to be completed already..

The Steel Curtain is projected to open Summer of 2019 along with “Steelers Country”, a section of the park dedicated to the one and only Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team.

To watch an animated On-Ride POV you can see the video below!

Also you can see this updated Off-Ride POV here:

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, stay tuned for more news and information!


We all hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years; from everyone here at Theme Park HD 🙂