Hey everyone ! Happy Monday and heres hoping all these announcements make the week even better! So if you haven't already heard, Stranger Things is ma

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Halloween Horror Nights 2018 – Universal Orlando

Hey everyone ! Happy Monday and heres hoping all these announcements make the week even better! So if you haven’t already heard, Stranger Things is making its way to the Universal parks HHN this upcoming year. Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore will all be getting the event. Thats right,  the Netflix original series will now be able to be lived out in person. I don’t know about you guys but I am a huge Stranger Things Fan and I’m excited to see how the people over at creative are going to bring this to life. It is very early in the announcement so I am sure more details will be announce closer to the event, but I know 110% I’m going to get a HHN season pass this year. Hers a video they sent us to get HYPED!!

Such a simple video with such a powerful effect.. can it please be September yet???

Asides from the awesome hype promo video they came out with here is what we know so far :

-Universal shared concept art of the entrance plaza being turned into the “upside down”, if thats going to be replicated in person is uncertain but we can hope!

-“Fans can rejoice! Netflix’s hit original series “Stranger Things” will come to life this year at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. Prepare to enter the Upside Down, face off against Demogorgons, and brave Hawkins National Laboratory.” Is a direct quote sent to us about the event, does this mean two separate mazes dedicated to Stranger things?

-The event will be centered around the series, much like last years event was centered about Chance and American Horror story.


Now we can just wonder what mazes will Stranger things be taking over? Last years worst maze in my eyes was Ash vs Evil Dead; it didn’t provide many scares and I never saw it with a long wait, even on peak season nights. American horror story has been retuned after being very popular its first year, I’m hoping they still keep the AHS maze. (Big AHS fan as well) Each year they create new and original mazes so I have no fear Universal will be able to make a great maze out of the series; But I really do hope they focus on the scare aspect and don’t try and do a comedy route like last year. (Not saying the maze was bad, just feel that horror nights should be more scares in the mazes.)

(Photos/Videos Curtesy of Universal Studios’ )

That’s all we really know for now, but keep checking back for updates on HHN as well as other premiere haunt events.