Voodoo Doughnut at Universal Orlando Resort First Look/Review and 4k Walkthrough

Hey guys, first off I'd like to say hello from Orlando Florida! My name is Christian Duffy and I will be keeping you guys in the loop with everything

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Hey guys, first off I’d like to say hello from Orlando Florida! My name is Christian Duffy and I will be keeping you guys in the loop with everything that’s happening in theme park news in Orlando and beyond. Some of you may know me from IG as @Christian.mov; I post my theme park adventures and pictures there and interact with all walks of the coaster community life. I’ll be sharing all shorts of things with you guys so stay tuned.  Enough of me and on to Voodoo Doughnut!

If you have been to Orlando you know it has a lot of two things; Theme Parks and Restaurants. Living here for the past 4 years has turned me into a little of a foodie, so when I heard Universal Orlando Resort would be adding a Voodoo Doughnut my mouth was already watering. For those of you who are not familiar with Voodoo Doughnut; It is a store that sells extreme doughnuts and merchandise. It sounds pretty basic but the creations that creator “Cat Daddy” came up with are far from. “Good things come in pink boxes” and “The magic is in the hole”  are the companies slogans that can be seen, read, and heard throughout the store.  As soon as I heard that the store opened up, I decided to take a trip Easter Sunday in hope to avoid the crowds. After parking and walking through security I noticed many guests carrying around the pink boxes. The public was absolutely loving Voodoo Doughnut, so much so there was a line to get in! (Think when the Wizzarding World opened up and there were lines to get into the shops inside the land.) I brought  along my wife to enjoy some doughnuts and we were greeted by a friendly employee toting a colorful menu of what was offered inside. After around a 15 minute wait we were told to go inside to order what we wanted. I got the “Grape ape” and the “Oh captain, my captain” doughnuts and my wife got the “Mango tango”. While we were waiting to receive our order I checked out what they had in the clothes section. They offer T-shirts, Hoodies, coffee cups, underwear, stickers, keychains and more all sporting the Voodoo Doughnut logo.


Asides from the cloths you can purchase a Voodoo Doughnut wooden coffin filled with doughnuts for $139.00. The whole atmosphere of the shop is amazing and it is a great addition to the shops that reside in city walk. With a cool photo-op chair outside for guests to interact with, the store was built to reflect the products inside; wild and crazy. What really is wild and crazy is all the flavors they offer, I mean come on, look how many flavors !!




After you pick your flavor choice you get to order at the very pink order area. Complete with its very own animated ordering menu.

As far as the actual doughnuts go, they are amazing !!! The two that I had ( and the bite of my wife’s ) were amazing. I was recommended the grape ape doughnut from an employee because they over heard me talking about how I like grape flavors. It was actually made with cool aid, the whole doughnut was dunked in it to give it the color and flavor. The dough tasted extremely fresh and very light and fluffy. The grape flavor was prevalent but not to overwhelming, a very perfect happy medium between sweet and not to sweet. How could you just have one? I had to get another because they had a captain crunch doughnut. Not only is that my favorite cereal, but I have never seen anyone use it on a doughnut. Again, the dough was very fresh and has a very distinct taste to it. ( Unlike any doughnut I have tasted before) And to make it even better it was topped generously with captain crunch cereal and a type of icing. If you are a central Florida local or just visiting the Orlando area I would highly recommend checking out this sweet spot located just inside Universal Orlando’s City Walk.

Check out this 4K walkthrough Video of what its like to be inside the Voodoo Doughnut Store!




Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my trip to Universal’s newest sweet spot to eat ! Make sure to follow ThemeParkHD On all your favorite social network sites and check back weekly for new articles, press releases, POVS, trip reports and more.


Check out https://www.voodoodoughnut.com/doughnuts/ for all information on other locations, online shop, and news.