Woody’s Lunchbox Review

Woody's Lunchbox   Woody's lunchbox is the all new Toy Story Land's food and drink option. I was able to sample a few options from the rest

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Woody’s Lunchbox


Woody’s lunchbox is the all new Toy Story Land’s food and drink option. I was able to sample a few options from the restaurant to give you guys a review on this all new Walt Disney World Dinning option. Check out the video of the new option before I jump into my review:


So as you can see Disney themed this to all of our favorites growing up; The larger than life Babybel, the Oreros, and more!

They carry a Disney twist on traditional “Kid food” with offerings such as grilled cheese, root-beer floats, and “Adult” lemonade.

Here is the menu they give to you before you order. Think of the new restaurant in Pandora at Animal Kingdom, it is very similar to that ordering style.

PS: the Root-beer floats tasted just like the ones my dad made for me when I was a kid so they really captured the Nostalgia that makes this land so great for us adults.

You sit outside under some of Andy’s Christmas lights. Some of the seats are even little cheese wheels, making this that much better.

Here is the ordering area. Two ordering stations with dual sides for a total of four ordering lines. Even on opening night we only waited around 10 minutes to order and receive our food. Getting a table was sadly much harder. A lot of people just sitting waiting for families on rides and not even eating:(

The bigger tables. Detail everywhere in this land.

The two ordering stands are even themed to candy boxes!

We ended up sitting next to another Disney Blogger! We chatted and talked about the new land and made a new friend. I had the grilled cheese and Morgan opted for the Tonchos. I will say this is the BEST grilled cheese I have ever had. It was even better than our local grilled cheese restaurant; Toasted. It had the lightest and fluffiest cheese I’ve ever tasted and paired with the tomato soup it instantly brought back childhood memories. Disney really did a great job with this little restaurant. Although its menu is small, it will be a place you will remember for years. The Tonchos were very good as well. I did not have them myself but Morgan loved them and said that they were very fresh and had a distant flavor. The root-beer float is picture in the back and was the best part of the dinner. Sadly by thus time they were fully sold out of the adult lemonade, but we had it earlier and it was very tasty.

Eating childhood favorites on life-sized Knex tables? That is a childhood dream come true as an adult. I really am happy to be able to have this 10 minutes away from home. I will be visiting again just to get some food, it is that good!! Do not skip this when visiting Hollywood studios, it is kind of tucked away so check the park maps. You and your kids will love the food, a truly family friendly restaurant with something for everyone.