Zombieland In Real Life! A Day At Wild Adventures Theme Park

Wild Adventures Theme Park July 2018 Trip Report  Hey guys ! I just got back from an awesome visit at Wild Adventures, and have some amazing an

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Wild Adventures Theme Park July 2018 Trip Report 

Hey guys ! I just got back from an awesome visit at Wild Adventures, and have some amazing and rare content for you guys. While I was there filming a special secret project for a certain Netflix show, I also was allowed to video all of their major coaster attractions. They are very strict with no filming on any rides and I am super happy to have been given to opportunity to gather footage at this awesome park. This is a park owned by the same company that owns Dollywood, and they do an amazing Job running this newly acquired property. This park is not on the radar because it has been very inactive for the past few years, but not anymore. The park is undergoing so many changes that it will soon be again on the national rankings. If you love animals and theme parks look no further, this place has it all.

Seriously go check this park out. It deserves the attention, I mean it is the Zombieland park in the movie. Yes, if you have seen the movie Zombieland, this is the park they used to film at. It has a lot more than just coasters, with a fully included Waterpark, and full scale Zoo Wild Adventures is more than just a regular theme park.

So lets go take some virtual rides on the parks top coasters, shall we? 🙂



First of the day, a classic.



The parks tallest and fastest rollercoaster is a standard Venom boomerang. This one is taken care of very well and runs exceptionally smooth. You can also see the swinging ride they used in the film, Zombieland. This area of Georgia is also extremely flat like Florida, so the views on the rides look a lot like Busch Gardens.

This park honestly reminds me of a Busch park, very very well kept up.


Lets go on the parks more family friendly coaster, the Ant Farm Express:



A fun little Vekoma roller skater. It’s just like the two at the Universal Orlando parks. Accept this isn’t a 45 minute plus wait 🙂 You rode in little roller skates so it was super cute for kids. It fit one rider per shoe, and is the first coaster you see when you enter the park.

Hey Six Flags Over Georgia… If Wild Adventures can keep their paint looking new and shiny every year, why can’t you guys? LOL.

Seriously this is a Dollywood level clean park. The rides are taken care of better than most.

This picture was actually from a previous visit, but it looked the same. Enough time on these, lets head to my favorite coaster in the park; Cheetah!!!


Cheetah is an amazing wooden rollercoaster that has some great airtime, and intense speed.

Yeahhhh thats a nice POV  Of a great coaster. Seriously it’s underrated. I love this attraction. You guys will be seeing this attraction highlighted in a very special TV show coming soon 😉

I wish more parks had coasters like the Cheetah. It had a little roughness which showed it is in fact a true wooden coaster, but it wasn’t painful. It had great pops of airtime and really is my number one coaster in the park, and one of my favorite wooden coasters. When this thing is running at its best it hauls. Around the curves you really feel some nice lateral Gs. Overall great ride; The best in the park 🙂

The entrance of the ride.

Most of the layout is hidden from guest view. You gotta ride to see… Or watch our Videos. Either or does fine 🙂

The entrance path to the station.

Okay lets go see the other coasters the park has to offer 🙂

Take a virtual ride on the Twisted Typhoon. The smoothest Vekoma SLC I have ever been on. Great ride when they are taken care of.

The entrance!


I love this color scheme. Very bright and fun. Looks freshly painted as well.

Hey Zombieland Fans… you gotta know what this coaster is from!

Go Bananas was the rollercoaster featured in the film.



Super fun ride. Super awesome history. Give it a view in 4k. Or better yet go to Georgia and ride it. This park is worth the trip for. Im happy to see the work and money being put into keeping it a nice family park.


Next up is this odd little coaster..

It is very fun.. It is just weird. In the best possible way. And it gives more airtime than most coaster


This is, Viking Voyage!


After getting some rides on VV, we headed to the parks other star attraction; The Firecracker.


This is a S and S launched drop tower that had a very famous scene in the movie Zoimbieland filmed on it. It was white in color at the time, they have since painted it the red you see in the video, but it still is the most famous drop tower! Pretty cool.



The ride gives great views of the parks lake. You can also see some of my other cameras from the ground. 🙂



I think they should promote more of the rides history. But it is a family park and Zombieland was a very non-family movie.

Before we head out, we are going to get on the parks mini frisbee attraction.


More parks need these. This was such a great little ride. I loved it. It was very forceful and provided a long duration ride cycle.



Rattler is a great ride.


We had a great day here at Wild Adventures. Everyone should go check this park out at least once in their lives. It is a solid park with amazing animal attractions, amazing coasters, and a great waterpark included with a daily admission ticket.


For more information on the park please visit, https://www.wildadventures.com